>Weekend Review

>Happy Monday!  Did I do well this weekend? Ummm, not entirely…  My mom is on a Frosted Flakes kick and when it’s in front of my face I have a black out moment and start mindlessly munching.  Do they even taste that “grrrreat” to me? No.  It’s the sugar!  But aside from that I could have been worse.  I didn’t keep my case of the “F its” but I kept wanting to.  I think it didn’t help that we spent the whole weeknd apartment hunting and I get car sick so driving all day for 2 days plus the actual driving there made me miserable!
I was proud of myself last night though because I kept thinking about having Taco Bell in my mind but I refused to go and just had some of my leftovers at home.  I need to finish that stuff before it goes bad and it’s getting close to me having to toss it.  I just have 1 chicken breast and some pasta left so I brought that for lunch today.  (Don’t worry, I smelled it, it’s fine!)
The meals I’m planning on making for this week are a chili egg puff, senaglese stew, and orange chicken with fried rice.  I am going to make some sort of big batch of vegetable too I just haven’t decided what yet.  I need to be in a “salad mood” in order to want salad.  Maybe roasted brussel sprouts.  I haven’t had that in a long time and I’ve been wanting it for a while now. 
So that’s all from me for now, I have to get my shopping list ready. I’ll probably post tonight on my day today!

About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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