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Okay, so every now and then I’ll probably have something I’d like to mention food wise that I love that I will post about in addition to my regular posts.  Plus, I’m in a kind of chatty mood today…  🙂

I’ve never been a huge coffee or tea drinker, more so for coffee than tea, but when I got into my 20s I started having a cup of tea every now and then.  Now at work, I find myself having more and more tea and I really enjoy having it throughout the day.  I’m sort of becoming a tea connoisseur of sorts.  I like fancy teas and trying different flavored teas.  I am trying to build up my repertoire on teas but for now I’ll mention my few favorites.

Harney & Sons’ Paris tea-  Harney & Sons isn’t something you’d just find in Safeway or Walmart.  You’d be more inclined to find it in a specialty grocery store.  Our local store, Nugget, sells a few of their teas including probably their most popular flavor, Paris, tea as well as English Breakfast, and a few others.  Paris tea is a fruity black tea and is probably my most favorite tea.  My mom drinks it every day so she’s always asking me to pick some up for her since it’s cheaper than where she finds it.  We first discovered this tea in a little tea shop in Carmel, CA and have been obsessed with it ever since.

Republic of Tea’s Coconut Cocoa Tea- This is an herb tea that is probably 2nd to the Paris tea above as my top favorites are concerned.  I just saw this one at Nugget, and they sell Republic of Tea in quite a few places, most popular would probably be Cost Plus. This one I just had to try!  Chocolate & Coconut for practically no calories?!  Where do I sign up?!  It’s best to me with 1 packet of sweetener in it, I use the Truvia brand, to make it feel like you are having dessert.  And they call it a “Cup of Dessert Herb Tea.” I definitely think this will help me when I have a sweet craving!

Republic of Tea’s Ginger Peach- To me this is their most popular tea, but I don’t know.  I have grown up knowing this tea better than any other specialty tea I’ve heard of.  My mom has been drinking this for years and it’s a really nice tea.  I especially love it iced.  I don’t know why, maybe because sometimes in restaurants you can get iced ginger peach tea.  This is (as the name says) a fruitier black tea, and definitely reminds me of my childhood.

Trader Joe’s Jasmine Pearls- This is a whole leaf green tea with Jasmine flowers. The balled up the green tea leaves and when the bag sits in the hot water, the balls open up and you can see purples jasmine leaves as well in the bag.  It’s a lighter green tea, not as severe tasting (at least to me, I’m not a big green tea fan but I drink it because of it’s health benefits) and you can taste a hint of Jasmine which is probably why I like it better.

Lipton’s Tea- I had to add this because if you just want a good cup of regular black tea, there’s no other place to go than good ol’ Lipton’s.  This more than any other tea definitely reminds me of my childhood.  This (again to me) is the most well known tea ever.

Okay, that’s what I have right now.  If I’ll add a new tea every now and then when I try new ones to my regular posts.

Do you have any teas out there you love and would like to mention?


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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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