>Weigh-in Day

>So, I’m posting this Wednesday, but I find that I am more inclined to post during the day.  Once I get home, I’m beat, and I’ve already spent all day on my computer at work that I can’t stand to look at my own at home for much longer than it takes to check my email and facebook!  So, I’m thinking that it would make more sense for me to write on my break instead so I’m not rushing through what I want to write about.
Tuesdays are my weigh in days at  Weight Watchers, and since I weigh in after work, I don’t eat much.  I try to stay low on the sodium.  I essentially starve myself, I mean, I have breakfast and lunch, but I try not to eat too much…  It’s usually a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast and 1 for lunch and it holds me because of the protein in the peanut butter.  Probably not the best thing to do, but it’s just once a week.

The meeting went well.  We talked about power foods, what keeps us full for longer, and what makes us want more. I lost 1.6 pounds, yay me! I got a pedometer at the meeting that I am going to wear all day to track my daily steps.

I haven’t made a meal plan really even though I had ideas of things I wanted to make.  I may do the orange Chinese chicken and fried rice next week.  I have to make another batch of chicken cacciatore for the weekend.  I told my mom I’d make it for then because my cousin and aunt are coming up to help my mom and brother pack, and God willing my mom chooses a place, move some of the stuff! 

I supposed that’s it from me.

About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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