>I’m Back… Sort Of Anyway…

>Well, I’m done with my classes.  They went pretty fast.  It was total information overload though!  But I survived.  I meant some nice people including one woman who works for the same company just in a different office in the area.  Now I need to study my butt off (don’t you wish you could literally do that!?) and pray to God I pass the test. 

So I won’t go into any other details about that week because it was very uneventful.  On Saturday (I had a 1/2 day class that day too but at least that was the end of it) I did a TON of laundry and my mom came up in the afternoon to spend the night.  We went to mass at the Cathedral in downtown Sacramento, then went to Frank Fat’s for dinner.  I’ve had their food before but never ate in the restaurant.  The food is fantastic there but for the 2 of us, it racked up to almost $90 before tip!  We ordered a sampler appetizer because we didn’t know what to try, orange chicken (too fatty and heavily battered for both of us), walnut shrimp (which was the best and lightest I’ve ever had), steamed rice, and green beans with a garlicky sauce.  Okay so not the healthiest for the entrees (or the appetizer for that matter, pot stickers, egg rolls, fried calamari, and these pork ball type things which were the only thing we really liked) but the food was really good and now we know that we really don’t need to order as much.  We’re used to left overs with Chinese food so we tend to order enough to do so.
Sunday, we went to the mall and found out my mom’s favorite store, Pottery Barn, closed down in that mall.  I discovered a store that I love although I can’t fit into their clothes yet (I didn’t see anything bigger than a 14 in there!) but as a goal for myself, when I get down to that size, I am going to get myself an outfit there.  My mom left around 4:15 to get home to watch the academy awards and I made a sweet potato shepherd’s pie. The filling was really good (I add a small head of curly cabbage to mine to add a lot of bulk and vegetable without calories) but I could do without the sweet potato.  I saw this recipe (although I used my recipe for the filling so that could be why it didn’t come out that great with the sweet potato) on another blog I read and it looked really good. Next time I’ll just stick to my own recipe. 

Monday, was uneventful (as usual) I had a lot of stuff to catch up on at work. (that I will be catching up on for a while, this is what happens when you’re off for a week!) I watched a mini-marathon of Being Human they had on SyFy.  And I was annoyed with myself because I forgot Chuck was on too!
Tuesday, I was completely exhausted and didn’t end up going to Weight Watchers…  I know I should have but I didn’t and I’m really going to try this week because I know I can do this! I watched Raising Hope, then went to sleep.  (I have such a wild life don’t I?!)
Now onto Wednesday… My first day of the WW week.  I had a big huge bowl filled with a container of chobani pineapple yogurt (please PLEASE don’t do what I did and forget to read labels because this was low fat instead of non-fat!) 1 banana, and 1/4 cup of TJ’s low fat granola.  It is really good and EXTREMELY filling.  I didn’t even eat the whole thing as you can see from the picture, it’s a lot more than you’d think!

 I went to Panera with a friend from work and had their Asian Chicken Salad and I was a good girl in getting an apple instead of their awesome bread.  (10 pp.) Dinner was just left over Shepherd’s pie.
Thursday breakfast was the same and lunch was 1/2 of the serving of shepherd’s pie I had at work, I was getting really tired of it.  I was invited to be a fill in for my aunt’s bunco group.  It was at my Godfather’s house (his wife is in it) and guess what she had for dinner since it was St. Patrick’s day themed?  Shepherd’s Pie!  So I have had my fill for a while!  I was hoping she’d do corned beef and cabbage, oh well!  It was still pretty good.  She had this amazing wheat french bread from Raley’s.  I was good and only had 1 serving of the pie and 1 slice of bread.  They put candy and peanut bowls at each station for bunco so I did have some of the peanuts and a couple of pieces of candy, but it could have been worse.  I counted it still.  Then I went on and had a piece of this pistachio bundt cake she made.  Oh my God it was amazing! 
Friday was payday and I got an extra big one because of the overtime I had from last week so I was lucky to get a head start on paying my bills for the month!  Plus I still have to do my taxes to get that nice chunk of change.  I’m trying to save for our trip to Disneyland (and if we go, Tahoe!).  I’m so excited!  I can’t believe it’s only 3 months away!  Breakfast was the last of my yogurt and some grape nuts (ran out of the granola). 

For a snack I had a small whole wheat pita with 2 tablespoons of Better n’ Peanut Butter and some low sugar jam on it.  I just can’t get into the Better n’ PB.  I know some people LOVE it, but it has an off taste to it.  I’d rather have 1/2 of Skippy!  I don’t eat it often anyway because I get sick of PB fast. I am going out to lunch with the same friend from work that I went out with on Monday and Wednesday (it’s been one of those weeks for both of us!) and we went to one of my new favorite Japanese restaurants.  It’s called Tokyo Steakhouse.  They have the best chicken teryaki.  It is right off the grill so you taste the charred flavor.  They do have huge portions so I have to be careful, but as long as I really push myself and stay disciplined I know I can do it. After eating that I used up most of my points for the day.  I only had 4 left, but at least I had some. 
After work, I went to get some groceries at Nugget to make chili and cornbread for our movie night.  I got an Amy’s Lasagna to have for dinner which is 8 points, but I still have extra weekly points so I wasn’t worried.  When I got home I sauteed some mushrooms that I had on hand and while I was cooking them I thought, I’ll make a mini pizza instead.  So I took one of the whole wheat pitas (then decided to open it up to have 2), took 2 pieces of light havarti cheese and broiled them in the toaster until the cheese was melty.  Then I topped each with equal amounts of the mushrooms.  It was so good!  Only 4 points! I decided to have a couple of my girl scout Lemonades cookies for 4 pp extra.  They are really good and I’m glad I only got one box of those!

Well, that’s it for my recap.  I know it’s a long post, but I’m caught up now!


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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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