>Movie Night!

>Three to four times a year (I wish it were more!) my aunt and I go to our cousins house in Lincoln to have movie night.  They have a spare room and we stay the night.  It’s like a mini getaway and it’s just a lot of fun.  At first, we ordered pizzas an had salad and stuff like that.  Now, since we are all (except for 1 cousin) are on Weight Watchers, we try to have healthier meals.  I offered to make dinner this time so I made a big pot of chili and corn bread, both weight watchers recipes and it was really good and filling.  Being the dorky forgetful person that I am, I forgot to take a picture of it!  I wanted to take a couple of pictures of their fantastic view, but it didn’t work out.  Next time, I will try to take some!

We got to their house in the afternoon and chose our typical 3 movies.  Our cousin Mark (who lives 5 minutes away and joins in as well) picked Taken, my aunt picked Roman Holiday, and I chose Return to Me.  We watched in that order and I’m glad because Taken was an intense, I mean INTENSE movie.  It was hard for me to watch! So it was good to have the two light hearted movies after that!  We have such a great time when we are there.  We’re going to try to have another one soon so we can take a drive up to Nevada City so I can see (wait for this one) snow for the first time…  Yes, I have never seen snow before!  It’s not my fault!  My parents just never brought us to the snow!  So I can’t wait and I hope that I can get a chance before this season ends!  I’ve never been to Nevada City and I’ve heard it’s a really cute town so I’ve been wanting to go there as well.

Well, that the recap for Saturday.  I’ll post tomorrow for my Sunday update.


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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