>Tuesday Weigh-In

>I had a Garfield kind of Monday.  You know, Garfield???  He hates Mondays!  Kind of like how I felt yesterday, so I’m just going to pretend yesterday didn’t exist.

Okay, so onto today.  I have been curious about almond butter lately and I didn’t want to buy a whole jar in case I didn’t like it, but I found these packets at Nugget.  Single servings of Almond Butter.  I got a plain one and a Maple Almond Butter.  I had the plain one for breakfast on toast.  It was okay.  It tasted like ground up almonds.  I added a little honey and reduced sugar organic jam.  I’m glad I found these packets so I didn’t have to waist a whole jar.

I had the maple almond butter for lunch.  I didn’t taste any maple in it…  Well, you win some you lose some..

Oh by the way, look at what that damn blister turned into!!!  It doesn’t hurt, but it’s annoying me!

Can you believe tomato sauce did that?  People have a hard time understanding how I hit myself under my chin with tomato sauce!  It’s hard for me to believe too, but I blame it on my grandmother on the count I got my clumsiness from her!  🙂  Anytime I trip or do anything goofy,  or have what I’ve been calling a “Shannon Moment,” I think of her! 

At weigh in I gained .6 but that’s better than what I expected.  Our meeting was about having a weight loss buddy.  I guess “technically” my aunt is, but we just don’t talk about that kind of stuff together.  I don’t know, we used to be good weight loss buddies, but I think I need someone my age.  I could do with being her buddy on the occasion, but I need someone more like me I think.  So, my question for the day…

Do you have a weight loss buddy?  If so, does it work for you? What do you do with your buddy?
As you can see, no, I do not have a buddy, so if anyone’s interested, please let me know!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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