>Meatless Friday Day Numbero Quatro

>Wow, already 4 weeks into lent?!  That doesn’t seem right…  Well, anyway, I started out my morning with Scrambled eggs and toast again.  The basil add so much, I just wish I had fresh, I need to stock up on some essentials, we’re running out of things in the house!

That was my last piece of bread, I saved the ends for the birds.

I had my mid-morning snack around 11.  Just my standard yogurt.  I’m not sure I’m really crazy about the greek yogurt with this mix.  It’s a little too thick, so I may try regular non-fat yogurt next time and see how I like it.

I needed to get out so my friend and I went to lunch at this local Japanese restaurant.  It was really good.  I got the salmon and California roll bento box. 

Isn’t it pretty?!  I got miso soup too but forgot to take a picture.  I also forgot my camera, so I had to use my iPod. Not bad for an iPod picture though.  I was a little turned off by the fish roe on the sushi…  I’ve never eaten it before, but I refused to think about it, and therefore didn’t taste it until the last piece, it was a little too salty…

When I got home, a crashed on my bed for a few minutes, Rusty wanted to join me.

I finally forced my butt up and got to cooking my teeny tiny potatoes.

I sauteed them in a pan with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, then added garlic towards the end.

I also cooked up some battered Halibut filets from TJ’s.  They were really good!

Half of that tray is 5 pp.  That’s not bad!  They’re so good I ended up eating the whole tray…..  *clears throat…

Anyway, I had to have ketchup with it too!  I’m a big ketchup fan!

After dinner, I felt like something sweet to I had another sucker. 

Okay, my second try at the license test is on Monday so time to get crackin on the books!



About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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