>Happy Birthday Dad!

>Today, would have been my dad’s 66th birthday.  Yes I know I’m 27 and my dad was 38 when I was born, I can do math believe it or not (at least a little) and while this may not be a big deal now, it was in the 80s.  One of my friends was shocked when she found out how old my parents were.  Of course, her mom was 19 when she was born, so there ya go!  So happy birthday dad!

I took the day off and met some cousins at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln.  It’s a really nice Indian Casino.  We gambled for a bit.  It drove me crazy that you could smoke in there.  What is it with smoking and gambling?!  The longer we stayed the more it bugged me.  My clothes smelled like cigarettes when we left!  We met some more cousins that live nearby for lunch at the cafe in the casino.  I tried to find something that wasn’t too heavy on the points.  I ended up having a NY steak and eggs (egg beaters to be presice).  After a 2 hour lunch (our family can get chatty) we did a little more gambling.  I was out about 80 bucks (ikk!) and I had 18 left on me so I was going to stop because it’s depressing when you give a corporation $100 for nothing!  Except if it was for a charity, then I’d feel much better. But then, I thought while watching my aunt play, oh hell, just try a little more.  I played a few different games as we walked around, and we ended up going back to this game we played before called Gold Fish. 

It was fun.  I like the ones that you can get bonuses on.  By the time I got down to $3, I hit a bonus where you can choose a treasure chest and it opens up to show how many free spins you get.  I got 20 which was the highest number out of the 5 or so to choose from.   And I must have gotten 5 or 6 “big win” spins which added around $20 to my winnings, then I landed 4 bonuses (there are 5 lines) and a wild card in a row and it gave me another 12 spins.  I kept getting these big wins still and all of a sudden I see that I won 145 bucks!  On one go!  So my net was around 50 but still!  That’s more than I had coming in!  All of my cousins were watching and even the guy sitting next to me was going Oh my God!  So by the time it stopped, I cashed out. 

I totally know it was my dad giving me some luck!  Last year on his birthday, I got my promotion, and this year, I win $145.  It’s almost a little eerie…  I know the picture’s bright.  It looked better on my computer then the rest…
When we got home, I rested for a while then got to cooking lunches for the next few days.  I tried out these garlic parmesan potatoes from TJ’s and they were awesome!  They get nice and crispy in the pan.  Leftovers are just meh, but if you reheat them in a pan they’d be much better.

And now it’s time to hit the hay!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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