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Dream Interpretations & Amazing Cookies!

I cannot believe that I’m only 3 days away from the start of my vacation.  That’s right folks, I count from the second I’m out the door and on the road.  I have a lot to make sure I don’t … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ma!!!

Today is my mom’s birthday!  It was also the day of my aunt’s big yard sale they have up and down about five blocks in Fresno.  Its’ a big deal every year.  My mom and I split what we were … Continue reading

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Doctor’s Appointment Recap

I saw a new doctor last night (primary’s on maternity leave), and I really like her.  She spent 40 minutes just talking with me.  It wasn’t even a normal check up.  She was asking me different things about what I … Continue reading

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Weekend Shenanigans, a Little Motivation, and Pasta!

Happy Monday all!  My mom was up over the weekend to help me organize some things and to start looking around the Sacramento area for ideas of where she wants to move. We accomplished only one of those things but … Continue reading

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Idea for Another “Segment”

I’m getting annoyed with my body lately!  I have had massive ongoing heart burn since Tuesday night (it’s actually better as I’m typing this), I woke up in the middle of the night with a major neck and head ache.  … Continue reading

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Pills and Weekend Plans

Yay, it’s Friday!  It’s funny how everytime Friday comes around everyone says something about it being Friday.  Well duh we know it’s Friday!  I can be sarcastic, very sarcastic, but there’s something to be said about Fridays. Anyway, I have … Continue reading

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Cinco De Mayo

The only way I am celebrating Cinco De Mayo this year is by having a burrito at lunch that I brought with me.  I’m not big on this holiday.  It’s not even an American holiday.  It’s Mexico’s Independence Day.  Not … Continue reading

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