Idea for Another “Segment”

I’m getting annoyed with my body lately!  I have had massive ongoing heart burn since Tuesday night (it’s actually better as I’m typing this), I woke up in the middle of the night with a major neck and head ache.  The kind that feels like your head’s in a vice and I know it was because my neck and shoulders were tense!

I’m not sleeping well which adds to my lethargy (did I use that correctly?) and forgetfullness come to think of it.  (That last part almost seemed pun worthy…) It’s driving me crazy.

I finally called and made an appointment to see the doctor.  I’m seeing a different doctor since my primary doctor is on maternity leave.  I hope I like this doctor because I’m not very confident in my current doctor.  She’s really nice, but I question some of the things she’s mentioned, such as suggesting I think about Gastric Bypass Surgery!  I’m not even THAT overweight!  Plus, newsflash, it’s not a cure all nor is it a guarantee of losing weight!  It’s very dangerous too.  Both the surgery itself and the after effects. 

In other news, It’s just about 2 weeks until my Disneyland trip!!!  And that will bring me into the next thing I wanted to mention.I was thinking of adding another category.  Since I originally started a Disney blog which only had a few posts, I was thinking of every now and then posting something Disney related, weather once a week being a disney day or once a month or just randomly posting when a topic came to me.  What do you think about that? 

It could be anything weather it’s a trip report (which I will do for the upcoming trip regardless if I do a Disney segment or not) or a review on a movie, podcast, book, etc. or just letting out my inner Disney Geek.  I was also thinking of making a Vacation/Travel category too to save all of my trip reports.  Not that I go to a ton of places but I like recording my travels.

Do you have any other “segment” suggestions?  I would love feedback!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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