Weekend Shenanigans, a Little Motivation, and Pasta!

Happy Monday all!  My mom was up over the weekend to help me organize some things and to start looking around the Sacramento area for ideas of where she wants to move. We accomplished only one of those things but the weekends tend to get away from us and I think we have too high expectations.  We really need to be more mindful with actual planning.

Friday she got up to Sacramento just about the same time as I got off work and I met her at Target which is what we usually do.  Got a few groceries then went out to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

I did well there.  I got their grilled salmon with brown rice and steamed broccoli. We even refrained from having cheesecake.  I’m not a huge fan of cheesecake, but theirs is really good!  And really fattening!  (DUH!)

After dinner, we walked through the mall mostly our favorite store, Nordstrom. We went into another favorite of mine called Francesca’s Collections which have been popping up everywhere. My mom and I have these 6 in 1 hammer’s from that store that we love!  They twist open to give you a few different screwdrivers.  It’s a very handy thing to have around the house.  I also have a measuring tape that looks like it.

We got one for my cousin while we were there.  They are very handy!

Anyway, Saturday we attempted to drive around Roseville so my mom can see if she’d be interested in living there.  She’s just getting ideas at the moment.  But where we went wrong was in going to the Roseville Gallaria first…  We were hungry and I guess we didn’t think we’d be at that mall very long, but we also forget that the Gallaria is HUGE!  It’s the biggest mall I’ve ever seen!  Even with a good section of it still out because of the fire damages, we spent about 6 hours in there!  So next time, no mall!!!

Saturday night we went to this asian restaurant in Carmichael that seemed pretty pretentious when the food came out…  It was like they focused more on “impression” then quality.  It was all overly sauced and just blech!

Sunday, we worked on my closet and I got a pretty good amount of stuff for the garage sale.  I just need to think, so I really want this?  Will I remember it in 6 months?  If not I should probably get rid of it.

The thing that drove me crazy this weekend though was my asthma.  That was a whole lot of fun!!!  It’s the reason I hate May!

When I got to work this morning our “tip of the week” that we get on Mondays in the office really struck me.  They don’t all the time, but this one I could really focus on.

Life Rewards Action
by Chris Widener  
“Thinking is good, yes it is. I strongly encourage thinking. In fact, thinking plays a terrific role in success. It helps you strategize. It helps you get motivated. It tunes you into success. I am all for thinking and I do it regularly!

That being said, just thinking, no matter how good of a thinker you are, will never catapult you to success. The difference between the thinker who succeeds and the thinker who doesn’t is that the thinker who succeeds also ACTS!

Life does not reward thinking. Life rewards action. Let me clarify: Life rewards thoughtful action.

Think first, by all means… But then ACT!

Do you want to gain wealth? Then save your money – ACT!
Do you want to lose weight? Then hit the treadmill – ACT!
Do you want a new job? Then quit your current one – ACT!
Do you want to write a book? Then begin to write – ACT!
Do you want a new friend? Then introduce yourself – ACT!

Anything you want to accomplish will only be done by bold and decisive action.

Wishing won’t bring it about. Neither will dreaming. Nor will hoping. Nor will just talking about it. Nope, you must ACT.

What is it you want from life? Tell me. Be specific. Be clear. Think about it. Strategize. Roll it around inside that noggin of yours. Got it? Good. Now what? What will you DO to turn that non-physical electrical impulse we call a thought into a physical reality? There is only one thing: ACTION.

Will you succeed? Will you achieve your dreams? Will you live the life that you want? Only you can make that decision because only you can decide whether or not you will act.

My friends, life rewards action. Your actions do not need to be perfect. They just need to be. And then they get rewarded with success. With achievement. Accomplishment. You have the power within you to lead YOUR life as you see it. There is only one question you must answer for yourself:

Will I act?

Because Life Rewards Action!”

So the moral of the story?  I need to act!  I need to stop my pitty party and start saying no!  I need to practice my self discipline (or lack there of)

And, finally, I actually have a recipe to show!  I know shocker!  I just threw this together and it came out pretty well.

Pasta with broccoli, chicken, and sun-dried tomatoes

1 box whole grain pasta (whatever your favorite is, I used Rotini)
1 package sun-dried tomatoes (the kind not packed in oil) roughly chopped
1 large crown broccoli cut into florets and steamed
3-4 good sized cloves garlic minced
1 lb chicken breasts

I steamed the broccoli while I was browning the chicken breasts which were cut up into chunks. Once the broccoli was cooked, I put it to the side and cooked the pasta.  I removed the chicken when browned and added the broccoli, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes to the pan.  Once the pasta is cooked through, drain and reserve some of the pasta water, add the pasta, and chicken, broccoli, etc mixture to the pot and add about 1/4 – 1/2 cup of pasta water to keep pasta from sticking.  Salt and pepper to taste.



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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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