Dream Interpretations & Amazing Cookies!

I cannot believe that I’m only 3 days away from the start of my vacation.  That’s right folks, I count from the second I’m out the door and on the road.  I have a lot to make sure I don’t forget and I keep having dreams about forgetting what I need to bring with me.

Last night I had one of those dreams and it wasn’t even that it was scary or a bad dream necesarrily, but I was just left feeling not good about the whole thing.  It could have been because my dad was in it but I don’t know. Also it was one of those “I woke up in the middle of the night and feell back asleep” dreams.

It started out that the four of us (my parents, Nick, and I) had just gotten to Anaheim (an no it looked NOTHING like the place!) and I left all of my luggage and everything else right by the front door of my place and I had to drive back to get my stuff because I didn’t want to wear the same outfite every day.

I had known in my dream that there would be a couple of days before we actually went into the park, so I had time to drive back and pick it up and get back before missing any time at Disneyland.  But at the same time I’d be missing Knott’s Berry Farm (I know weird!!!!).  At first my dad offered to drive with me to pick up my stuff, then my mom ended up driving me down to get it and I was surprised in the dream that it hardly took any time and that we managed to get it done in a few hours (I live 400 miles away from LA folks!).

Anyway, then I woke up.  See just a weird dream but as I said, I feel odd because of it.  Again, it could be because my dad was there.  Who knows.  But I shouldn’t worry about forgetting anything because I have my packing & to do lists filled out and on my iPod Touch.  Plus if I did for some odd reason, forget my luggage (which why the hell would I?!) I could always get a pair of pants and some tops at the mall nearby.

Okay onto another subject.  I’m super swamped not only at home but at work too.  It’s hard trying to get things caught up before a trip.  It must be Murphy’s Law.  Things ALWAYS happen right before you leave for a trip.  ALWAYS!

My schedule so far~

  • Tonight- A load of laundry, start packing clothes, and making Coconut Chocolate Chewies for meeting tomorrow.
  • Wednesday- Wash hair, load of towels, continue to pack, and start cleaning up room.
  • Thursday- Finish up packing, make sure list is set for groceries needed before leaving for trip, and making a stop at the new farmer’s market in West Sacramento.
  • Friday- Pack car, head for the bay area!

And now for the fabulousness that is Coconut Chocolate Chewies!

I found this recipe on The Edible Perspective and I must say they turned out amazingly!  You can find the recipe here- Chewies!!!

Look at them!!!!  I’m so excited with how they came out!

Okay, I know I’m not the best photographer but if you look at Ashley’s blog, her pictures do it much more justice.  They are a cross between meringue, macaroon, and a light brownie in the middle.  I am totally making these again!

Okay, gotta pay attention to The Voice now!  Priorities you know!  Hee hee!  Oh you know I’m just kiddin!!!

About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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2 Responses to Dream Interpretations & Amazing Cookies!

  1. Ashley says:

    I hate dreams that leave you feeling bad when you wake up! 😦 So glad you liked the cookies. They’re one of my favs!! Thanks for the shout out!

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