While I Have a Second to Myself

I cannot tell you how busy we’ve been over vacation.  I know our trips to Disneyland are busy, but our schedules are out of whack!  I’m not a “get to sleep past midnight” person anymore and that’s what we’ve been doing!  PLUS, we don’t get up until around 10 or so and now that it’s 10 on Friday, the third Disneyland day of our trip, we’re not going to get into the park until at the VERY earliest 11:30! So to me it’s like we’ve wasted part of the day farting around!

Okay, I’m going to stop complaining because it’s really only a couple of hours, but I’d rather be there in the mornings.  No more bitching because we’re in Disneyland dammit!  😀

When I feel like I can start with my updates I will.  I’m just going to do one post per day and I promise I won’t show you all 500 (so far) pictures I have!  If you would like to see all of them, I’ll have them uploaded either to my MobileMe account or Flickr or one of those.

Okay, time to start getting things ready!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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