Vegetable Soup when it’s 90 Out?!

I’m sick what can I say?!  And by the way, yes I was sweatin’ like a pig while making the soup but the question you should be asking me is…  Was it worth it? Oooohhh yeeeaaaa!  I love my vegetable soup (sometimes chicken is added) especially when I’m feeling under the weather.  It’s darn easy to make, extremely healthy, and tasty to boot! Yes, the recipe is at the end of this post!

But first, here’s a recap of my exciting weekend (well, not so much exciting…). First off, my mom got a room through hotwire for the weekend and we were going to take a day trip to St. Helena to honor my dad on Father’s Day. Just think about that one for a second…  Did ya get it?  Father’s day is the NEXT weekend! Oops!

So being that she couldn’t cancel the room, she and Nick came up anyway (wow a whole 2 days without seeing them! I had withdrawals!) They came up Saturday afternoon and once they got here, we went over to Arden Mall (it’s a habit!) had an early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. (early enough to get the lunch sized Salmon, yes!!!)

After dinner, we walked around the mall for a bit stopping in at some of our usual stores, Nordstrom (a must!), and Torrid to see if they had any summer dresses (they do, but nothing I liked, plus I have to remind myself just how large my ass looks in a dress or skirt…), I did however get 3 new tops at Nordstrom, all the same style except in different colors, they were on sale I promise!

Before we got back to the room, we stopped and got a froyo at a place nearby, then went back and watched Unstoppable on Pay-Per-View at the room.  Good movie, pretty intense!  Maybe more intense for me since it’s a true story. My mom has a crush on Chris Pine (who wouldn’t!) so she didn’t mind seeing it again!

Sunday, we decided to go driving around the Roseville/Granite Bay area to give my mom a few ideas of where she’d like to move.  No absolute place yet, but she has some time.  She still want’s to look around the Napa/Sonoma areas too, just to see if there are any apartments in the area.  Wouldn’t you love to live there?!

We made an impromptu stop at the Galleria Mall and I got a 10 minute massage which was much needed because I am still getting over the cold.  The guy that worked on my back really dug in hard which I needed.  He ended up cracking my back as well!

We stopped at BJ’s for dinner and ate way too much food.  I found out my favorite Pazzoki there is their cookies and cream pazzoki.  It tastes like a big hot oreo cookie with ice cream on it!  Yum!  Even Nick liked it more then the original one which we both still love.

Anyway, I spent Sunday night with them and got ready early on Monday morning for work so my mom and I could go downstairs and take a little advantage of the free breakfast they had then I went off to work.

Before they left to go back to Foster City, we met for lunch at the Black Bear Diner (not the greatest eating of the weekend, but I did have a few healthy meals…)

Okay so onto the soup I made…

I didn’t make it how I usually do so I’ll give you the recipe I normally do (I forgot some things…) so just pretend what isn’t there is…

Anyway! Start off by adding 1 medium onion, 4 large carrots, and 2 celery stalks chopped into the pot with a little olive oil. (I like little pieces in my soup not big, but you can do whatever you’d like)

Add salt, pepper, oregano, and dried basil to taste (I normally add a tablespoon or so of the seasonings and salt and pepper to taste. I was being a doofus and forgot to add everything except the salt.)

Once the vegetables are softened, add 2 cans of kidney beans and 2 cans of petite diced tomatoes.

Add 6ish cups of chicken (or vegetable if you’re vegetarian) stock and 1 cup cut up green beans, let cook for around 30 minutes until the vegetables get slightly tender, but not too much (they will continue to cook).

Add 4 cups of chopped Savoy Cabbage, 1 cup each frozen corn and peas and let cook for 15-20 minutes more or until vegetables are tender to your liking.  Taste to see if anymore seasoning is needed.

Serve with shredded parmesan, crusty sourdough bread or anything else your heart desires.

Very comforting when you’re under the weather.  Definitely has a minestrone vibe to it.

Okay time for bed!


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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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