Disneyland Trip Day 1

Be forewarned while this day won’t be too picture heavy, the rest of the posts about my trip will be.  Just sayin’.  There won’t be all of my pictures (there were 1200 total, and after deleting the crappy ones I’m at 750ish, and don’t worry I won’t make you suffer with all of them!!!) just a few, but if you’d like to see more, I’ll post a link to wherever I decide to upload my photos.

Anyway, onto the start of the trip!

Day one on our trip was pretty uneventful.  I am counting it as the day we drove from Foster City to Anaheim.  I drove to Foster City the day before after work. We left around 11 am which included a pit stop to Peet’s for some coffee for the road. We were making pretty good time and weren’t very hungry because we had some cherries, pistachios, and cheese in the car with us so we only stopped once to get some gas and stretch our legs.

We ended up stopping near Bakersfield on I-5 and I drove from there on to give my mom a break.  I have definitely come to realize that I’m the navigator in the family now.  It’s very weird to me because driving (especially to places I’ve never been) used to really freak me out!  Not so much when someone was in the car with me, but I fell like I can make this drive by myself now without any problems.  Boy have I come a LONG way since moving up here!

We got down to Anaheim in about six hours including some traffic in the LA area (no way really?!  Traffic in LA?!  Get out of here!) so that wasn’t bad at all!


We got to the hotel which was 2 blocks down from the enterance into Disneyland (one of those blocks is still part of the Disneyland entrance so technically one REALLY LONG block.) and checked in.  The room was okay.  It was clean at least, but very plain.  No fridge or anything like that so we had to keep adding ice to our insulated bag for the rest of the cheese and stuff like that we had.


Once we got our stuff up to the room, we walked over to Downtown Disney to stretch our legs and grab a bit to eat.  Keep in mind, we got to Downtown Disney around 7 on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend so you can imagine how packed it was!




We went over to Storybook Cafe at the Grand Californian Hotel which had a short wait and had an okay, but expensive dinner.  Their buffet is the best thing there but the line was rediculously long when we got there for it so none of us got it.  I’m still wishing I did though…



After dinner, we ran into the massive Disney store in Downtown Disney to get Nick a coffee mug.  We found his favorite character (yes I know, I was shocked too when he told me his favorite cartoon character was from Disney, let alone that he had a favorite character) the Cheshire Cat, then we walked back to the room and settled down to go to bed.



Fascinating isn’t it??? I promise to put more of an effort into the rest of the posts for the rest of the trip!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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