Farmer’s Market and Book Club

No they aren’t one and the same thing!  Starting a week ago, every Thursday, during the summer I guess, West Sac has a brand new Farmer’s Market right by where we live.  It’s in the afternoon’s too so it’s perfect to go to right after work.  They have some food booths in addition to the farmers selling their goods.  It’s not very big as you can see, but it’s brand new so I’m hoping it gets bigger.


I’m really excited about it, and do you know what they had??? Bolani!!!  I have been dying to try these and tried I did.  The guy kept giving us samples of their different sauces on the bread.  Once serving (1/2 of a bolani) is only 2 points and the stats are great.


We really just spent a few minutes looking around to see what they were selling, we didn’t get much.  My aunt got some blueberries, zucchini and a couple of tomatoes and I got the bolani and then we went home.

When I got home after the market, I was greeted with a nice big June Bug! Gross!!!


I got inside and right away I jumped into a cold shower!  The weather has been in the mid 90’s here all week, and I get a heat rash (which might be eczema actually…) in some places and I needed the cold water to help with the itching.  It helped for a while but my arm really flared up last night!

Anyway, after showering, I was checking my email and every now and then I try to look on for different groups in the area.  Well, I guess I picked the right time (actually even a day before would have been better) because I found a women’s book club right in West Sac that just started literally 5 minutes after seeing the group.

So I missed the first meeting, but I’ve been looking for a group, really anything that looked interesting to me, and I really hope this one works out!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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