Detox Day 3- The Voice Winner

I can’t believe the winner of The Voice is going to be named tonight!  I really hope Beverly wins!  By the ind of this post I’m sure I will know because it takes me about 20 minutes to finish an entry.

Again for breakfast I had 2 eggs and berries. I’m getting a little tired of hard boiled eggs so I am going to look for some egg bake dishes to make for next week.  Plus, it makes for boring photography.  As you can see, there was one casualty with the eggs…  I hate it when they stick to the shell!

For lunch I had leftover burritos. They are so satisfying.

I did have my yogurt before I left so I wasn’t completely starving by the time I got home.

After work, I went to Roseville and got a few things at TJ’s before my therapist appointment. I am planning on making a chicken and rice casserole. (brown rice obviously)  I figured that would give me a few meals to last for a while.

When I got home I made another burrito and since I have a picture from lunch, you don’t need the same thing in one entry!

Okay, 10 minutes left for The Voice.  I hope Beverly wins!!!  She’s so original and such a powerful singer.  I just love her personality.

And the winner is….. Well it’s not Beverly…  Surprise surprise it’s Javier…  Okay, I’m off to finish my netflix movie Beastly (so far it’s pretty teeny bopperish)

About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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