Detox Day 4

So far so good this this plan.  I’m frankly surprised it’s been so easy.  It’s early still, but this time I really have my head and heart in it.  I’m focused on really getting this accomplished.

For breakfast I had 2 eggs and melon again so I won’t bore you with another picture.

Lunch, was the last of my leftover burritos.  I bought these containers on Amazon that have 3 seprate spots so you can have all of your lunch in one container.  It came in a set of 4 and they are so easy to organize everything for your lunch and/or breakfast or whatever you want to use them for.

The great thing is that they are bpa free!

After work, I headed over to Target to get a few items I needed, then I ran home.  My aunt made balsamic marinated chicken breasts and brown rice with sauteed mushrooms.  It was really good.

Saved me from having to cook today which is nice because it’s hot!

Anyway, day 4 was another success I’m glad to say.  Now I have to continue with cleaning and laundry for when my mom and brother come up on Saturday.

About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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