Disneyland Trip Day 2

Okay, I know I’m finally onto getting to the rest of my Disneyland trip.  I have been lazy with it what can I say?  I do want to finish this before going to Tahoe though so I’m not overlapping.

Anyway, day two, we spent the day with my cousin Erin in Santa Monica.  We went and walked down the Thrid Street Promenade which is an outdoor 3 block long shopping area in Downtown Santa Monica, right by the Pier.

We ate lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express.  It was okay.  I love their food but the salad I ordered was just meh.


The sweet potato fries my mom and I split were fantastic though!


After lunch, we walked over to Santa Monica Pier.  It’s not as nice as I remembered it to be, but we didn’t walk all the way down.




It was a beautiful day.



It was just really really windy!!!  Although, you can’t tell by Nick’s hair, you certainly can by ours!!!


We walked back to the Promenade afterwards.  There were a lot of different acts going on in the middle of the street.  I don’t know if you can tell (Because I hardly did!) but there is a guy break dancing in this photo.


It was a crowded day!  I guess it would be for a holiday weekend!  Let alone in Santa Monica!  I didn’t get a picture of him either, but we were walking behind Drew Lachey and his wife at one point.  It took my cousin a few times to point him out to me I’m so bad with spotting people!



After walking through Santa Monica, we went and took a walk through UCLA so Nick could see the campus.


Nick can be such a ham!!!!! He likes to (jokingly) put our head on his chest don’t ask me why! Maybe it makes him feel taller I don’t know!  He’s only 1 inch taller then me.


There’s my mom, me and my fat arms! I hate being build like a midget football player!  And not European football, American football!


I’m surprised Nick isn’t trying to do something to me in this picture! He looks like he wants to though!


On we walked into the school.


Being that it was Sunday, the school store was closed. 😦 There was a concert series going on over on the football field so you could hear music being played!  Sort of anyway. 


Not something you can see easily (again) but they have a statue of a bear opposite of the store.  Of course people had to be sitting there…


On we walked up this hill, which was steaper and longer than it looked!


This is where my mom decided to stop.  It’s hard for her to walk up hill and we had been out for quite a while at this point.


She at least had a great view and plenty of shade, it was probably 100 degrees that day.


Nick, Erin, and I continued on to see the Library and famous Royce Hall.  I only found out then that the outside of Royce Hall is used in pretty much any movie that features a college.  It was used in the Indiana Jones movies, Van Wilder, Legally Blonde and Old School, just to name a few.  I heard some other locations of UCLA were used in films as well.  It makes sense since it is in LA.


That tiny ant you see apparently pretending to by Indiana Jones is Nick.  Yes, as you can tell, he’s a dork!


Opposite Royce hall is the library (or one of the libraries, I can’t remember, either way, it’s the main one).


I love the architechture here! It’s beautiful!


Between the library and Royce hall, you can go down the steps back to the bottom of the school. Which we did.


We found the pool! (that can’t be the main pool, it’s too small!


View from the bottom of the stairs, Royce Hall is on the left, the library on the right.


Afterwards, we got my mom, and went back to Erin’s apartment to rest for a bit.  They were having a get together in her little area (there’s a small courtyard they all share) and she brought Nick over to see her neighbor who makes his own beer.  I tasted it and it was good, which is a lot for me because I’m not a big fan.

After we rested for a bit, we went over to her father and step-mother’s restarant Warszawa (pronounced varsava), a polish restaurant (her step-mother is polish), it’s the polish way of saying the capital of Poland.


I took a picture too late, but I had their stuffed cabbage rolls (can’t remember the actual name for them) and they were soooooooo good!!! I have to make these at home!


Not pictured were the appetizer of perogis (the best I have ever had!) and oh my God they were so good!  We also shared a few desserts, a strawberry crepe, blueberry perogis (steamed not fried), and a chocolate dessert that I can’t remember (I know, me not remembering a dessert that was chocolate is unheard of, but I have a bad memory!) but I do know there was raspberry sauce and I don’t like raspberry and chocolate together…

 Once we were done eating, we dropped my cousin off back at her apartment, and went back home.  We were exhausted from the long day, but it was nice to see her (even though there are no pictures of her…)

Okay, that’s the end of day two!


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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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