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Random Thursday (I mean Friday) – Christmas Detox

Well Christmas is over, even though evidence of it is still all over the place.  People are slowly starting to pack up all of their Christmas stuff, radio stations are back to normal, and everything seems so much quieter than … Continue reading

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Weight Watcher Tuesday-

Well how did I do this week? Not so hot. I did try and did fairly well the first few days, even with the office party we had, I only had a couple of pieces of turkey, a small scoop … Continue reading

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Top Ten Christmas Movies

Well, I had to think of another Christmas theme since it’s a week until the “big day” and I don’t know how I’m going to get things done!!! Anyway, I figured I’d do my top ten favorite Christmas Movies.  I … Continue reading

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Random Thursday- I Make Plans, and God Laughs!

I hold true to that saying!  Do you remember my plan of making candies, pumpkin bread, and some other baked goods (CAKE POPS!) well, I’m running out of time and money, so I was going to only make the candy … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers Tuesday- Power Foods

We had a really good meeting tonight.  It was all about the Power Foods and how to get them into your diet.  And how did I do you ask???  I lost 4 pounds!  FOUR!!! I’m so excited!!! Well since that’s … Continue reading

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Monday Recap and the Week Ahead- Two Weeks Until Christmas!!!

That’s not so much excitement as in I can’t wait, but more of the OH MY GOD HOW AM I GOING TO GET THINGS DONE kind of excitement.  But first to the weekly recap… I actually stayed on track for … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Trip Day 2

Our second day in Carmel we spent shopping around the town. We stayed at The Coachman’s Inn. It’s an adorable little inn and we’ve stayed there for the last few years. They give you a free continental breakfast but I … Continue reading

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