Monday Recap and the Week Ahead- Two Weeks Until Christmas!!!

That’s not so much excitement as in I can’t wait, but more of the OH MY GOD HOW AM I GOING TO GET THINGS DONE kind of excitement.  But first to the weekly recap…

I actually stayed on track for most of the week.  I even stuck to it while my cousin was up for the weekend.  Today I haven’t really tracked, but instead of going to get fast food, I went to Raley’s and had a sandwich with pop chips.  I had 1/2 at lunch and 1/2 at dinner. Anyway, the week went by SO fast!  I was rushing around to clean things up and get ready for my cousin, Erin, coming up from LA.  I stuck with the exercise.  I did Curves three times, and walking 3-4 times during the week (can’t remember if it was 1 or 2 days that my walking buddy couldn’t join me) so I feel pretty good with my workouts.

Saturday morning came and I actually had the apartment in pretty good shape.  I got gas and went to pick Erin up at the airport.  We got back to my place so she could take a look and then we headed out to Old Town because (as far as she can remember) she’d never been to Sacramento before.

We walked around Old Town for a bit, had lunch at Ten 22 (a great restaurant in Old Town) then I drove her over to see the Capital.  If you’ve never been to Sacramento, you should definitely see the Capital.  We just toured the first floor because that’s where most of the interest is.

Once done with that, we ran some errands including going to Target (several times) and went into Nugget to grab stuff for breakfast. We were out from 11:30ish until maybe 5:30.  That’s a long time and we were dead on our feet, so we came back to the apartment to rest for a minute, got some ideas for where to put pictures and other decorations in my home, got the lights and some ornaments on my new tree, then headed to dinner at Vince’s.

After dinner, we got back, got in our jammies, and watched Shag while I fished finished decorating the tree, then FINALLY went to bed!

Sunday morning, we made a quick breakfast of bacon, homemade hashbrowns, and an egg for me (Erin HATES eggs!!!) for extra protein. Then we hung up some pictures and stuff like that, had leftovers from Vince’s for lunch, and I brought her back to the airport.  It was a great and busy weekend.

I am glad to see stuff up on the walls, it’s finally starting to look like a home to me.  I’ll be posting pictures as soon as I am finished with boxes and stuff.

Now that that is done, onto the week ahead. I have pretty much the same thing planned for this week, keeping on top of cleaning and putting things away, going to Curves three times (one down two to go!) and walking as many times as I can at work. I am also starting this weekly thing with my aunt where we try different healthy meals and this week I’m going to make the main dish from the weekly booklet last Tuesday, Beef with Broccoli and brown rice.  She’s going to make the dessert and bring it over so I’m curious to see how that recipe works out.  I love Chinese food and it looked fantastic.

I’m also trying to get my mom up for the weekend because she’s been kind of stressed and she needs a break.  Plus she HAS to look at apartments and get out of the ridiculous place she’s at now. I’m excited if she is because I want to get her opinion on things and she can give me ideas of where to put things. I’m NOT putting her to work by any means, I just want her feedback!

Anyway, that’s about the gist for now.


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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