Random Thursday- I Make Plans, and God Laughs!

I hold true to that saying!  Do you remember my plan of making candies, pumpkin bread, and some other baked goods (CAKE POPS!) well, I’m running out of time and money, so I was going to only make the candy and pumpkin bread (I keep typing pumpking WHY is that?!)… WELL I might have to nix the pumpkin bread because my pilot light is off, and I emailed the property manager, but she hasn’t gotten back to me…  And I really have to get them done by early next week.  I just can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!  How does that happen?!

So the candies are still on since I have a butt load of chocolate.  I still need nuts and caramel and a few other things like that, but otherwise I’m pretty much ready. I need to think of some other things I can do… Well, my mom’s coming up this weekend so maybe she can help me out!  I do need to get my list going of who exactly I’m giving too also. Why oh why do I leave this all to the last minute?!

Anyway, I was planning on posting a crock pot split pea recipe yesterday, but can’t find the cord to my camera to upload my picture so I’ll leave that for next week.

Okay, time to go to bed, it’s after 11!!!



About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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