Top Ten Christmas Movies

Well, I had to think of another Christmas theme since it’s a week until the “big day” and I don’t know how I’m going to get things done!!! Anyway, I figured I’d do my top ten favorite Christmas Movies.  I remember growing up watching Christmas Movies throughout December on TV.  It’s just another nostalgic thing for me. (Again, I’m BIG on nostalgia!)

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas– I remember watching this movie usually at school and who doesn’t love the Peanuts???
  2. Elf– I freeking LOVE this movie!  I’m not a big fan of
  3.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas– I love both versions but I’m choosing the 2000 Edition with Jim Carey.  I’d love to live in that world!!!
  4.  Miracle on 34th Street– Again, love both versions, and I’m sure the original is more popular and more well beloved, but I am choosing the remake of this as well.  It’s a classic story.
  5.  Home Alone– Another classic.  EVERYONE has seen this movie!
  6. Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer– These next two I remember watching on TV every year.  I love the way the animation looks.  This movie brings me back to my childhood.
  7.  Frosty the Snowman– As I said above, the two just went together to me growing up.  I don’t have either on DVD, but I plan on getting them.
  8.  A Christmas Story– Okay WHO doesn’t have his on TV all day long on Christmas Day? And who doesn’t know at least a few of the lines from the movie??? “You’ll shoot your eye out!” “Fragile!  Must be French!”
  9.  Babes in Toyland– I haven’t watched this in a long time, but I wanted to live in Toyland and be Annette Funicello!  That reminds me, I should add this to my queue…
  10.  White Christmas– This was one of my dad’s favorite movies, and I grew to enjoy it as well.  I love the old time movies like this.

Okay that’s my top ten Christmas Movies list!  What are some of your favorites?


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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