Weight Watchers Tuesday – Smart Snacking

Well hello again.  It looks like I didn’t completely blow it over the week because I lost .6 pounds!  At least it’s going in the right direction! Now to get back to Curves!

This week’s topic was about Smart Snacking.  There were some interesting view points on snacking from some of the members during our meeting.  Some people said snacking makes them more hungry throughout the day, one person said she eats every 1 – 1 1/2 hours and she’s lost quite a bit of weight, and some do a snack in between meals like a “normal” routine I guess would be.

Do I snack? sometimes.  Usually in the mornings, and I skip the afternoons but I’m starving by the time I get home, so I should eat a snack around 3:30 or so, so I’m not eating dinner at 4 when I get home.

For most people, snacking is an important thing, and I don’t mean a full blown meal, I mean something small to tide you over until your meal. It’s not good to be too hungry because, at least for people like me, if I’m too hungry, I can eat out the entire kitchen, and that is not a good thing! And I try to get things in like a protein (cheese, or an egg) and fruit or vegetables.  For example, an apple, a wedge of laughing cow light, and a few crackers.

Okay, so that’s pretty much it for today.  What are your favorite healthy snacks?


FMM- Makeup Favorites & The Week Ahead

So this week’s Friend Making Monday is kind of girly (okay very girly) but just skip to the rest of it if you aren’t interested in makeup!

FMM: Makeup Favorites

  1. Do you wear makeup everyday? Yes, I can’t go out without it on.  I am a late bloomer with makeup though.  Didn’t start with it until my early twenties.
  2. Does your routine change if you’re going out with friends/on a date/to a party? No, not really.
  3. Are you loyal to one brand, or do you use different brands for different things? I mostly use Bare Escentuals, but I have a couple of things in other brands.
  4. Do you wear primer/concealer? If so, what’s your favorite kind?  I do, right now I really like MAC’s Prep+Prime, Painterly Paint Pot (it’s an eye shadow, but the lady told me to use it as a base so my make up stays on my eyes, and I LOVE it!), and topped off with Select Cover Up.
  5. What’s your favorite brand of foundation? I’ve been fairly happy with Bare Escentuals. It’s definitely not for a heavy cover up though.
  6. Do you use blush and/or bronzer?  If so, what’s your favorite kind? I use Bare Escentuals Warmth all over the face and Glee on my cheeks.
  7. Do you wear eye shadow/eye liner?  If so, what’s your favorite kind? It’s the most important part for me!  I use Bare Escentuals and I want to try their new hard packed eye shadows that don’t get all over the place.  I use Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay in Place in Graphite.  I really like it and it really does stay.
  8. What’s your favorite kind of mascara? I don’t have a favorite at the moment.  Still trying things out.  I have long lashes, but they are straight, so I want something that curls.  I’ve been using Mabelline’s Falsies and it curls pretty well.
  9. Lipstick? Lip gloss? Both? Favorite? I never wear it but I should.  I have both in my purse and I usually wear gloss over lipstick to give a little more color.  I normally like a dusty pink color on my lips. Not too light or too dark.
  10. Do you wear nail polish regularly?  If so, share a few of your favorite brands/colors.  Again, no and I probably should take care of my nails a little more than I do…
  11. How do you remove your makeup at the end of the day?  … No…
  12. Do you feel prettier when you’re wearing makeup?  I don’t have much of a confidence thing and I feel like I at least look somewhat presentable with make up on but absolutely horrifying without it.
  13. Do you have any beauty tips that you could pass along?  Not really, wash your face every day and night, take care of yourself so your skin stays beautiful.  It’s something I really need to do myself!

So over the past week I was doing well, but it was a hard week.  Have you ever had those weeks where you REALLY want to eat something bad and you are just constantly struggling?  Well that’s the week I had.  And I screwed it up yesterday night and today…  I doubt I’ve lost weight this week. I would be surprised.  I think part of it is me missing Curves and just really any form of exercise for the last couple of weeks.

I am going back on Wednesday though.  I feel like I’m fine enough to do so.  I am more clearing my throat than anything, and I have some cough drops to help with that.

I had a nice weekend with my mom and Nick.  We spent all day Saturday looking for apartments which can be a big headache, but it has to be done.  She has a few places she’d like to be put on the wait list for and she wants to get more information on a place here in West Sac!  It would be so great to be closer to her again.

Yesterday we drove over to the apartment complex in West Sac, and I had looked there for myself but it was low income housing and because of what I made, I would have been pushed up into the next rent bracket and it was WAY too much for me.  But it would be perfect for my mom.  Then we went to Home Depot to get a key to my place made for her, and so I could get a slow closing toilet seat for my toilet.  It’s MUCH better than the crappy one they had when I moved in!

After that, we went to the Tower Cafe for lunch, then back and worked on my laundry room closet and cabinets.  I finally got my Christmas boxes put away in there and things look SO much better! I still have a ways to go with organization, but at least things are pretty much picked up around here.  It was just hard to focus with the Christmas boxes and stuff in the way.

This week my aunt and I probably aren’t going to do our weekly new meal thing because she’s getting ready to go to Southern California to see her best friend who’s visiting her daughter down there.  I’ve been dying for tacos anyway, so I’m going to make some ground turkey and all of the fixin’s for some healthy tacos to have for the rest of the week.

I also want to tackle one thing each day on my list to get things organized and get a place for everything in my home so I can function and not be consumed by all of this.

Anyway, that’s the goal for this week.  Not quite sure what the week is going to bring, but we’ll see soon I suppose!


Weight Watchers Tuesday – Pile on the Power Foods

Unsurprisingly, I gained 2.6 pounds over the last two weeks.  I just had the “F it” mentality the first week, and this week, I’ve been sick as a dog.  So, my goal is to get back on track,  and get in some activity this week.  I am still a little sick, but I’m going to make an effort to try to get in a couple of workouts at Curves, if I need to take it easy, so be it.  Some activity is better than nothing at all.

At the moment, I don’t want to even think about working out because I’ve had a massive head ache all day.  One of those, stick to your temples, kill your neck, make you want to throw up kind of head aches.  Why, could be a combination of things including, lack of sleep (got to sleep close to 1 am!), glaring florescent lights (I swear those are a component!), and this damned cold.  To add one more thing, I hardly ate anything, and nothing with much protein in it, so I think my empty stomach drove it over the edge.

ANYWAY, the topic of this week is “Pile on the Power Foods.” We discussed several different things to help bulk up what we eat to stave off hunger.

Our leader gave a couple of examples of different meals you can eat for the same amount of points. For instance, you can have a bagel and cream cheese for 10 points, or you can have 2 eggs scrambled, a slice of whole wheat toast with butter and jam, two pieces of Canadian bacon and as much fruit as you want for the same amount of points.  That’s WAY more food AND it guarantee that it will stay with you a whole lot longer than a bagel with cream cheese.

Now of course, there will be some days you just want that damned bagel, I know I do.  I freeking love bagels, and I love that you can do that on Weight Watchers.

Another thing we talked about is bulking up meals.  For instance, add some steamed vegetables to a frozen dinner or pasta for zero extra points.

Finally, we just talked about getting in Power Foods as much as possible.  What it is essentially are lean meats and protein, low fat (not confirmed) or non fat (confirmed) dairy products, all fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

Now, to get to my grocery list and make sure I have all of those power foods on my list!


Quick Update and FMM- Short Answers

Hi guys… I’m here…  I spent all of last week (well, most of last week) in bed sick.  Yay for me! I’m still sick but I had to get back to work… Such is life..

Before I got sick, I was in the Bay Area visiting my mom and Nick.  My aunt came up from Fresno to go to Britex Fabric Store in Union Square and have a quick visit with my uncle so we tagged along with her on Saturday.  Keep in mind that The 49ers were playing their Division Championship against the Saints IN SF so we took a detour to avoid that area of the city since everybody and their mother was going to be on the road to get there!

We had a nice time walking around the city for a bit, then headed over to my uncle’s home to watch at bit of the game.  We left just before half time to get my aunt back to her car so she could head back home before it got too dark.

Then I half watched the rest of the game at home with my mom and Nick, and by half watch I mean I kept leaving the room because it was getting too stressful to watch!  It was a great game though and we won!!! Too bad we didn’t win yesterday’s game which I watched at home with my 49ers blanket…

It got close though!  I’m still bummed about it though.  I know I don’t talk about sports that often (actually never) but I’m a big Niners and SF Giants fan!  My dad raised me so!

So since I don’t have much else to report, I thought I’d do another of All The Weigh’s Friend Making Monday Posts.  If you have a blog and want to participate, remember to leave a link under her comments page for this week’s FMM! (I linked to that particular post if you want to leave your link!)

FMM: Short Answers

  1. Mac or PC? I’m a total Mac fan!
  2. Do you paint your own nails? I do on occasion.  I must say I don’t take very great care of my nails!
  3. Beach or mountains?  Both!  That’s why we love Lake Tahoe!
  4. What’s the title of the book you’re currently reading?  The Renegade Hunter… It’s a romance novel…  I’m in between more intellectual books at the moment!
  5. Do you dance?  No, but I used to love my dance classes. I took dance in High School as my PE class.
  6. CNN or Fox News?  ANYTHING but Fox News!!!  I actually don’t really listen to politics because it gets me too worked up.  If I do watch some sort of political show, it’s usually John Stewart or sometimes Stephen Colbert.
  7. Do you ride a bicycle?  I have a bicycle, but since the weather is crappy, I haven’t been.  It’s also stored at my aunt’s house since I have no room for it here…
  8. Do you get a yearly flu shot?  I do, but I haven’t gotten one this year.  I need to make an appointment for a regular checkup anyway so I’m going to check and see if it’s not too late…
  9. Best movie you’ve seen in 2012? In theaters, I’ve only seen We Bought a Zoo and The Iron Lady.  Between the two I liked We Bought a Zoo better because it’s more my style, but I LOVE Meryl Streep! She’s an amazing actress.
  10. Do you prefer to workout at home or at the gym?  In a gym, more specifically Curves. And, at lunch on breaks.
  11. Last airport you were in?  Sac International Airport, I go there on occasion to pick up friends/relatives but the last time I was there as a customer was coming home from France.
  12. Married or single?  Single…
  13. iPhone or Android? I don’t have one because I’m poor.
  14. Do you prefer to be in pictures or taking pictures?  I think this was aleady done, but I prefer taking, although I don’t mind being in them to prove I was actually alive at one point in time.  Even though I hate my pictures!
  15. Favorite brand of sneakers?  I guess Adidas.
  16. Do you like snow?  I don’t know, I’ve never been in it…
  17. Do you have/want to have kids?  I want!
  18. Summer or Winter? I prefer Fall.
  19. Do you know how to swim? I know how to “doggy paddle”
  20. Do you prefer to shop in store or online?  In the store, but on occasion I get things online. It’s cheaper most of the time!

Okay that’s it from me for tonight!  Time for Being Human!

Top Ten Lists

Friday Top Ten – Favorite Things to do in San Francisco

Happy Friday!  I don’t know if it’s my B 12 supplement or what but today’s feelin’ pretty good!  Especially considering it’s Friday the 13th! I don’t find it bad luck.  My dad was born on a Friday the 13th so it can’t be that bad!

Anyway, the top ten this week (which was inspired because I’m off to go there tomorrow with my mom and aunt) is my favorite places in beautiful San Francisco!  I grew up just south of the city but moved away six years ago.  We spent time there on special occasions, but it is one of my favorite places to visit.  It’s such a quirky and original city.

  1. Giant’s Baseball Game– When I was little, I hated any and all sports, but when I went to my first baseball game to see the SF Giants, back when they were still at Candlestick Park, I immediately became a fan. One of the perks of my dad’s job was getting tickets to go to Giants games, so we went several times a year, and they were good seats too.  I still remember how freezing it was at Candlestick!!! All of our family and friends KNEW my dad had something to do with them winning the World Series in 2010!  He was such a HUGE fan of them (and the Niners!) and they won about a year after he passed!  I think he was pulling some strings up there! We still joke that God finally said to him OKAY if you shut up I’ll let them win!
  2. Union Square – This is sort of our Christmas Tradition.  We don’t go there EVERY year, but we have a lot of memories of just walking around Union Square and going in the shops in that area, including Macy’s, and to Holiday Lane back when it was at the top of the building.
  3. The Walt Disney Family Museum – The Walt Disney Family Museum is only a couple of years old, but it’s filled with the life of Walt Disney.  It’s too much to see in one day.  It’s located in one of the old buildings in the presidio.  It’s way bigger than it looks from the outside too.  My favorite room (surprise, surprise) is the Disneyland room.  They have a 3-D map of Disneyland, with all of Walt’s’ best attractions.  So it’s not how Disneyland was at one point, but throughout his life while Disneyland was open.  You can see the carousel moving around and lights lighting up.  It’s very cool.  The one downside to this
  4. Fisherman’s Wharf – The Wharf area is the perfect place to go find fresh seafood in the city.  The wharf is also home to Ghirardelli Square and Pier 39 where there are plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from.  I highly recommend going to Pier 39 on a weekday though because it gets crazy busy on the weekends. I also wouldn’t miss up the chance of seeing the sea lions!
  5. Ride a Cable Car – I highly recommend riding a Cable Car somewhere in the city.  There are certain lines throughout the city that have Cable Cars but the only one I know of is the one that goes from Ghirardelli Square up Hyde Street.
  6. Academy of Sciences – We recently went to the Academy of Sciences last year around Christmas time.  We went several times when I was younger but they’ve remodeled it and it’s a very interesting place to visit.  They have several exhibits including the aquarium on the bottom floor, the rain forest which was a dome inside of the museum (it was very humid in there!) that has certain birds and butterflies and various other creatures. As well as the planetarium which is the other dome in the building where they play a video of something to do with space.  It’s a full circular screen and it’s pretty cool. There are plenty of other exhibits so click on the link to find out more.
  7. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge – C’mon, it’s one of the most famous bridges in the world!
  8. North Beach – C’mon, I’m 1/2 Italian!  There are some of the BEST restaurants in North Beach.  Aside from coming to my family’s house of course! You have to make a stop at Molinari’s also and get some salame!  My dad grew up going there for salame and other things when he was little EVERY WEEK!
  9. Visiting Various Hotels – At Christmas time especially, it’s a lot of fun to go look at the amazingly decorated lobbies of the major hotels in the city. My favorite is The Fairmont where they have a life sized Gingerbread house (yes, REAL gingerbread and candy and icing, and NOOOO I wouldn’t eat ANYTHING off of that! Do you know how many hands have touched it?!) and you can stop in for dinner or a drink at the Tonga Room. Other hotels to go to include the Mark Hopkins and St. Francis.
  10. Take a Ride – It’s always fun to just drive around and explore what a wonderful city San Francisco is.  You can even find one of the steepest streets in the world to drive down, Filbert Street, or of course go down Lombard Street, the windiest street in the world.

Well, I hope you learned something from this post!  If you plan on visiting San Francisco, please let me know if you went to any of these places! Have a great weekend!

I Heart...

I Heart Music

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted one of these, but this and a couple of others have been sitting in my drafts folder for long enough!  And since I can’t think of anything to write about on Random Thursday, I figured I’d insert this there!

I walk around with my iPod Touch practically glued to my side.  I always need to have some sort of noise on.  I hate silence.  Except for when I’m sleeping… Between me and my brother, there is not a whole lot that we dont’ like.  We got the love of music from our father.  He idolized Frank Sinatra and jazz (like that) was his favorite, but he also loved rock and roll and some other stuff as well.  He often liked our music especially if it had a good beat or if they had a lot of talent.

But, for this post I’ll focus on some of my favorites.

As I mentioned, I love a lot of different types of music.  I think the only things I don’t really like are rap/hip-hop, weird jazz (the kind that goes all over the place), and I get really annoyed with stuff that’s been played on the radio WAY too many times, like every hour kind of crap!  Can’t radio stations play more of a variety!  I swear!

I’ve picked out a few of artists/groups that are at the top of my favorites at this moment to give you a taste.

  • Christina Aguilera – The most famous of the bunch I guess.  I don’t normally like “pop princess” kind of stuff.  I hate overly poppy music, but I love her voice, and she really stands out in the bunch.  She is absolutely the greatest singer out of our generation.  I think she’s dealt with things in her life as best she could being in the spotlight.  I know a lot of people don’t like her, but you can’t deny that she has the chops! My favorite song by her (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) is Beautiful.  It’s the perfect pick me up song. 
  • Zero 7 – This is an electronic/down tempo group from England that I found out about because singer Sia has sung on several of their songs.  I LOVE this type of music.  I am still new to it, but the whole “down tempo” genre is from what I read somewhere (God knows where) “all about the feeling of the music.” It totally puts me in a relaxed state.  I actually can’t listen to them in the car if I’m driving a long length because I’ll get really sleepy!
  • Sia – I learned about Sia from Christina Aguilera.  She worked with Christina on a few of her songs off of her latest album Bionic.  She’s from Australia, and I guess you would consider her music pop.  She has a very distinct voice that’s not for everyone, but I really like her music.
  • Nine Inch Nails – I’ll admit that I became a fan of Nine Inch Nails once their album With Teeth came out so I’m a baby fan compared to others.  I LOVE NIN now though.  At least their stuff since With Teeth came out.  I’m still trying to get into their older stuff.  I do like Hurt and Closer though. 
  • Maroon 5 -I have been a fan of theirs since Songs About Jane came out.  I love their music!  They have a great beat.  They’re probably my favorite rock group.

Well, I’ll stop there for now.  I may do another one at another time, if you all want to see more…  There’s just too much to list here and I don’t want to lose you all by making this list a mile long!


Try New Things Wednesday- Healthified Beef Stroganoff

I had another morning spent in hell trying to turn on my car.  I really hope nothing bad is going on.  I’m going to get the oil changed tomorrow, and ask if they can check it out. I emailed my cousin and am still waiting to hear back from him.

Anyway, just before leaving work, I found a recipe on Shine from Yahoo for a healthified beef stroganoff.  I tweaked it a little to my liking, but I linked to the original recipe above if you wanted to go their rout.


  • 1 lb sirloin, thinly sliced
  • 1 lb mushrooms, sliced
  • 4 shallots, sliced
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine (I used Marsala since it’s what I had)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 12 oz bag multigrain (no-yolk style) noodles
  • 1/4 cup fat free greek yogurt

Put a pot of water on for the noodles, meanwhile prep the meat, mushrooms, and shallots.  In a large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of the oil, cook the beef over medium high heat until browned.

Set aside on a plate.  Add the remaining tablespoon of oil to the pan and cook the shallots and mushrooms until tender.

Add the wine and cook until reduced by half.

Add the beef back and cook until heated through.

Then I added the yogurt and pasta to the pan.  They say to serve over the noodles, but I wanted to mix it all together.

Makes 5 2 cup servings for 11 points per serving.  A little high, but very filling and tasty.


Okay, time to clean up the kitchen.  Wish me luck in my car starting in the morning!