Disneyland Trip Day 4

I know what you’re thinking! What?!  You mean, you’re actually going to continue with this trip report even though you’ve been back for almost nine months?!  Why yes I am!  I know I still have to get to our Tahoe Trip too so I better pick up the pace on these!

Day four of our trip was our first official day in Disneyland.  It was the first time my mom and brother saw my dad’s stone.

Then we were finally in the park!!!

And through the tunnel into the happiest place on earth! A little tidbit for you Disney nerds out there, that’s the Lillybelle on the train track in this picture below! I will get on that train one of these days!!!

And I was so excited!!!

We started out having a muffin at the Blue Ribbon Bakery.

Nick’s looked oddly just like his nose…

After breakfast we made our way into Adventureland and off to our first ride on The Jungle Cruise.

The beautiful Schweitzer Falls named after the famous African explorer, Dr. Albert Falls.

It looks like that rhino is getting his point across… In the end… (so bad SOOO BAD!!!) You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in.. Well this seems like a bunch of hokey pokey! (OH MY GOD I’M SUCH A NERD!)Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the BACK SIDE OF WATER!!!Here’s Trader Sam, the head salesman of the jungle.  He’s always having a sale.  Two of his heads for one of yours.  No matter way you slice it, you always come out ahead!Finally, we were back to civilization and on our way to Pirates of the Caribbean one of my favorite attractions!

Okay since there’s five days of Disneyland (alone) I’m just going to post my favorite pictures from here on out for each day. That way I’m not driving you all crazy!  I’ll post comments on the pictures too but I just don’t want this to be boring!

Club 33 Entrance.  One day I will get in here I swear I will!

Aww the kiddies are getting along!

It may just be the shirt, but I swear this picture makes him look like he’s in an Irish Pub instead of at Cafe Orleans.

Mmmm French Onion Soup!!!

My mom and I split the 4 cheese Monte Cristo sandwich….

I only ate one wedge and still felt like this afterwards!

Went into Innoventions to check out the new House of the Future.

Hangin’ in the livingroom.

Kitchen. Pretty cool, and I wouldn’t mind having it, but I’m more the cottage type gal.


Boy’s room, by far my favorite room!  I would kill for this to be my future son’s room!

The windows change from day light to stars depending on the time of day, and so does the moon/sun on the ceiling.

Girl’s room is cute too.

Then hangin’ in the back yard.

Front door.

Side entrance.

I totally want this car! It’s all electric too!

Nick waiting anxiously to get to the front of the line for Space Mountain.  He can’t contain himself!

Almost in!!!

Waiting in line for the Monorail, you can see Monorail Orange making it’s way.

Mr. Cool on the monorail.

View of Downtown Disney from the Monorail.

Mine! Mine! Mine! MINEMINEMINE!!!

Matterhorn Bobsleds!

The first of many churros!

One of the two turkeys pardoned by the President every Thanksgiving.

Two Italians eating “Italian Food” at The Plaza Inn Restaurant on Main Street.

Fancy Decor.

Off to turn in our fastpass to Space Mountain.

My first set of Mickey Ears!

Pacific Wharf area in California Adventure.

Ended the night at Burrrrbank Ice Cream.

Okay, I FINALLY finished the 4th day of my Disneyland Trip! It only took me 6 months!  I promise to get these finished quicker! G’night!

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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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