Weekend Update

Happy Monday!  As usual, the weekend flew by.  There’s never enough time to get things done.  My mom came up again to look at apartments and she’s on another waiting list, which is a good thing.  But we need to look start looking at other areas of Sacramento.  Just to get the list going and give her a few options. 

Next location I want to tackle (even though I’ve said it several times I’m sure) is Carmichael.  She’s looked at Roseville/Rocklin and even one in West Sac, so we’ll see what she thinks of Carmichael. 

The week went by fairly well.  Same ol’ same ol’ stuff, but nothing too bad happened.  I live quite a boring life… I read and finished our book club book in 3-4 days.  It’s called Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs and at first it was really creepy to me.  Like, I couldn’t read it at night creepy because I already have an over active imagination, but at night it quadruples in size and all of a sudden that person walking into their apartment next to mine is trying to break into my home and kill me!  Yea, totally over reactive!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned yet that one of the ladies at my Weight Watchers meetings is in the book club as well.  We haven’t been to the same meeting yet, but she looked at me and said I looked familiar (she saw my picture on Meet-up) and she asked if I was in that book club, and of course I said yes, so we’ve started chatting and I guess getting to know each other. So yay, to slowly starting to get more of a social life!

My mom came up Friday right as I got off work, and we spent the rest of that day looking up apartments and waiting for an hour for a table at Chevy’s which is a story unto itself…  Basically to make a very long story short, we were being blown off by some incompetent hosts and ended up talking to the manager and got a free appetizer and a ton of appologies from her, and all was well. 

Saturday, we looked around Roseville for more apartments, went over to the Galleria to have a quick bite to eat, and looked at the one she liked in West Sac.  Then we went home, took a bit of a rest, then went to the local Italian restaurant, Vince’s.  After that, we attempted to go to Ikea but it closed at 8 (That seems early for a Saturday night…) then over to Target to get a couple of things instead.

Sunday, we went back to Ikea, I got a desk (which my mom helped me with and I’m paying her off over the next 3 months) which weight over 100 pounds between both boxes.  We split their 2 hot dog lunch deal downstairs, got a couple of things from their little market store, and lugged everything home.

That afternoon, my cousin came over to take a look at my battery and make sure my car was okay which it is.  We chatted for a while with my mom until she had to leave then he helped me put together my desk.  It took us maybe around 4-5 hours to complete.  And, now I’m sore all over! But I have a desk now! With plenty of storage! I’m toying with the idea of putting my TV in the hutch part.  I measured it last night, and it would fit…

This week’s plans, Curves, get a few groceries, then go home and put more crap in my desk (in an orderly way of course!), hair cut on Friday (yay!), Weight Watchers, and therapist appointment.


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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