Random Friday- Organizing

Ever since moving in, I have been trying to organize my home.  It’s a long process (obviously) but I kind of like that aspect of it… It’s something I have to look forward to.  An ongoing project I suppose.  I’m sure it’s something I’ll have to deal with my whole life.  At least that’s what it feels like right now.

I have always loved organizing and have wanted to be an organized person, but I have a hard time figuring out the best way to organize something. I think that’s why I put it off too…

Anyway, there’s still at least something in every room left to do, even though I did get a couple of things completed, but here’s my list.

Laundry Room – Small as it may be, it still needs to be organized (probably more so for the fact that it’s small!).

  • Organize the small pantry (Target bookcase I had, the ones with the squares, not shelves) to actually put food items on it.

Kitchen/Dining Room – Sooo much needs to be done in here.

  • Designate one or two cabinets to storing food.
  • Figure out the best places for everything else.
  • Clean out and reorganize refrigerator.
  • Clean off the diningroom table, and move anything left that’s relevent, into my desk.

Living Room – Not quite as much to do here, but still a work in progress.

  • Move books around
  • Get more baskets to hold DVDs in for my cabinet (makes space for more DVDs).
  • Put up pictures (I’m doubing this will ever happen!)
  • Organize coffee table and cabinet tops
  • Finish organizing new desk.

Bedroom – Mostly pertains to the closet.

  • Finish going through any extra boxes in closet to make more space
  • Clean up and put relevent books, etc, on bookshelf.

Bathroom – Not very big of a project.

  • Put stuff on stands
  • Reorganize linen closet

So, I’m hoping to get a few things crossed off of that list this weekend since I’ll actually be home and on my own for once! It’s been so busy with helping my mom find a new place, and going down to visit her, but I need to get some things done around my apartment.


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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