Weight Watchers Tuesday – Portion Control

I’m warning you, some of this post is going to be kind of a downer…

Lots of things happened today.  The saddest is that I found out Disney Legend Robert Sherman (the younger brother of the Sherman Brothers) passed away today.  They (in my eyes) are one of the best, if not the best, song writers of the twentieth century.  They wrote a ton of music, and are best known for working with Disney.  Their most famous piece of music has to be It’s a Small World After All. Everyone knows that song weather you’ve been to Disneyland or not. They also recieved two academy awards for Mary Poppins along with quite a few nominations.  He will surely be missed.

Well… Onto the next…

My stove came today and I’m so happy I can start using an oven again!

My car is acting up again.  I think I need a new battery…  I hope that’s all it is though. I need to get a new car soon!

I got to my Weight Watchers meeting, and not only did I gain 1/2 pound, but we also found out that our leader has to leave our meetings.  I’m so upset by that. I LOVE her!  She had the greatest sense of humor and was so motivating. She said the person taking over is great and I’m not dismissing her or anything, but it just added to my already crappy day…

Anyway, our meeting was about portion control.  I know I fit the typical person that thinks they can eye ball something, but it is really an important aspect of the plan.  I am saving up to get a scale so I can weigh my food at home which is the most accurate way to measure your food.  I have 3 sets (not intentionally) of measuring cups too so I don’t really have any excuse at home, especially once I get the scale too.

Now, obviously, you aren’t going to be expected to bring a scale or measuring cups with you but there are ways to best guess the amount of food on your place.  Here’s a link to an article I found on CalorieCount.com with more information and it’s a nice reference tool to have around.

Sorry to keep it short, and kind of depressing, but I need to listen to some happy music, or put on a funny movie then get to bed early and get some much needed sleep!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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