Random Friday- Organizing and Weekend Plans

I know I’m on an organizing kick, but I’m really inspired because I finally realized I could put all of my art and craft supplies in the hutch of my new desk.  I forgot that all of that stuff was in a big box, so I got my craft stuff out of the box and into the hutch and now I have a LOT more space in my closet.  It was a big u-hall box (medium-sized, but it’s still big to me!), and I have a small box of my art stuff like coloring books (art therapy), and sketch pads, those kind of things. I’m pretty sure I can get it all in there.  Yay for me figuring things out!!!  I just need to organize it a little bit better so it looks nicer.

I have some small plastic boxes (shoe box sized) that I can certainly put to good use.  It came in a set of 5 from Target and I’ve only used one or two of them and not for anything special so I’m glad to be able to find something to use them for!

I’m currently installing Mac Lion (whatever the system is called) on my computer so I can start using iCloud so I’m hoping that maybe it’ll fix the problem I’m having with iPhoto.  I’m guessing no, but we’ll see.  I can still bring it to work and have my friend take a look and talk to her son about it.  And if I get that working I can post pictures of the work I’ve done on organizing my apartment!

Tonight, our book club is having a little movie night at one of the lady’s homes, and we’re watching Crazy Stupid Love with Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling (can we say chick flick night?!) and someone’s making corned beef and cabbage.  My only problem is that being Catholic, I practice the no meat on Fridays thing during Lent, so I’ll probably just have cabbage and potatoes and some appetizers (I won’t miss it because I’ll be eating it on Saturday either at our church or getting a pre-cooked one from TJ’s which was FABULOUS!).

This weekend will officially be my last weekend alone at my apartment until my mom moves up so I’m going to have to take advantage of it. 🙂  It’s only a temporary thing, but I think this will be good for my mom.  I’m hoping it will easy the scariness of it all a little bit.  I’m thinking of things she can do while I’m at work, like driving to different areas to get to know Sacramento a little bit better.

So I’m going to take full advantage and sleep in and be lazy for as long as I want tomorrow… You know… Until the afternoon when I think I have plans… We’ll see!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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