Tuesday Mish Mosh

Today’s post will be a combination update/Friend Making Monday/Weight Watchers Tuesday post since I didn’t exactly have time to do yesterday’s post which I will explain…

I am completely beat and SOOOOOO glad that my “long” weekend is over and done with!  I’ll start off last Friday since it was my friend/co-worker’s last day here.  She’s moving to Illinois with her family (closer to St. Louis than Chicago).  I’m definitely going to miss her and our little outings like going to lunch or the movies or stuff like that.

Well, we went out to lunch with our department which was really nice. Then, we headed over to see The Hunger Games as our last little outing before she moved.  It was very bittersweet day.  The movie was fantastic and I might go see it again with my mom, but it was really sad to see her go.  I’m still a little down about it.  We got along very well.  I know we’ll keep in touch though.

Now, as far as The Hunger Games, I did read the books recently and I really enjoyed them.  I did think the whole idea was sadistic as far as making these children fight to the death, but it’s just a book after all.  Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss was amazing.  I want to see more movies she’s been in.  It’s nice to see popular movies like this with actors who can, you know, actually ACT.

Anyway, I didn’t leave for the bay area until Saturday morning and of course I had to leave right in the middle of a storm.  At least (by some miracle) I didn’t run into any accidents on the road so there was no traffic.  AND I went through San Francisco AND, by God’s grace, the rain had taken a break when I go down to the bay area.

We packed my mom’s apartment non-stop Saturday and Sunday and still weren’t done.  The movers got there Monday morning right at 9 (actually a couple of minutes before which pissed my mom off) so we were scrambling to finish things up.  All of the stuff going into storage was done but the other stuff we were trying to figure out what to put it in and how the hell we were going to get stuff into the cars. 

To make a long boring story short, they were finally done packing the storage locker up here at 6:15 and we went straight over to Vince’s because all we had to eat all day was a few bits here and there of an almond Torte… Nick had to drop his stuff off in San Jose, pick up the rest of the stuff we couldn’t fit in our cars and he insisted on driving up to Sacramento so we got him something from there to go.  He had to drive back for classes he had today so he must have gotten home around 1.  I don’t know how he did that! 

Today, is a Weight Watchers weigh in day but I didn’t go.  I could have and probably should have but I forgot to mail in my rent so I had to drop it off so I wasn’t late, and I’m helping my mom unpack her stuff at my place.  I know they are excuses, and I really should have gone…

Now onto…

Friend Making Monday- When I was a kid…

  • My parents told me…to stop picking on my brother!
  • I wanted to grow up to be a…Mom
  • I refused to eat…mushrooms, my mom would make chicken with rice and I’d pick out all of the mushrooms which took forever since they were little bits!
  • My favorite thing to do outside was… Play with my friends.  We would run all around the apartment complex we lived in.
  • I broke my… I didn’t break, but I chipped my tooth (well my brother did) on the bathtub faucet.  Speaking of which I need to get it fixed again because it broke off… (cough* 1o months ago *cough)
  • I liked to wear…Leggings… And I HAD to have my hair up high and to the side.
  • My parents always…laughed.  We always laughed!
  • I thought that Santa was… Fake… I knew it was my parents.  They never told me that it was them, but I guess I figured it out. The fact that my dad made us wait for what seemed like hours in the morning to come out might have been a tip too.
  • My favorite cartoon was… All of the classic Mickey Mouse cartoons.  I miss those!
  • I was the…oldest.
  • I got in trouble when… I bugged my brother, which was all the time…
  • My bedroom was… a complete mess!
  • My favorite food was… .
  • My parents always made me…sing in church.  Most of the time I wanted to, but I usually had to regardless.
  • My first crush was…on Dougie Howser. Yes, I know he is now gay.
  • My favorite toy was… Teddy Ruxpin
  • I thought school was…pure hell.
  • My biggest fear was… being lost, away from my parents.
  • My favorite story was… Well, I guess reading any of the Berenstain Bears Books.  I loved those!
  • My favorite memories…going on vacation, especially to Disneyland! 🙂

Well, that’s my update for the long weekend. See ya tomorrow!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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