Misery in May and FMM: Q and A

My allegies are kicking my ass right now!  My asthma seems to be getting a little better but my nose is driving me nuts!  I am taking regular Zyrtec but it’s not as effective as Zyertec D.  I can’t take that because it conflicts with some of my medication… So I’ll just have to live through it, and at least it’s getting near the end of allergy season for me!  Yay!

My mom and I had a nice weekend.  We went to see The Avengers on Saturday.  We were originally going to see it at 3:45 but that was sold out over an hour before it started!!! I was stunned at how busy it was so we immediately got them for the next showing at 4:45 and walked over to PetSmart to look at the kitties and wait out the extra hour we’d be there. Anyway, we got there and stood in line for roughly an hour, but we got great seats.  The movie was absolutely fantastic.  I was surprised with how much I laughed.   There were a lot of truly funny parts to that movie.

Anyway, Sunday my mom and I went to spend the day in Vacaville at the outlets, then got back home.

I’m a little distracted because I’m trying to watch The Voice while I’m typing this.  I just finished voting for Chris Mann on my phone, the internet, and I downloaded both his solo performance tonight and his duet with Christina Aguilera.  I really want him to win (I wish it was Lindsey in this position but I really like them both).  I think Tony Lucca will unfortunately.  Not that I don’t wish him the best, but out of the 4 of them, he just doesn’t have the power that the rest of them do.

Okay, time to watch the rest of The Voice, but first here’s the weekly FMM- Q&A

1. What’s the most obnoxious word/phrase you use on a regular basis? I’m not sure, but my mom used to make fun of me for using hence a lot but I stopped doing that because it started sounding unintentionally pretentious to me…

2. What’s the most memorable bumper sticker you’ve ever seen?  I’m not going to mention the most memorable because it was an incredibly offensive anti-gay remark.  My favorite though isn’t a bumper sticker, it’s a magnate I have on my refrigerator that says Be Nice or Leave – Thank You.  I’d like that as a bumper sticker.

3. Share one pet peeve that causes you more grief than it should. My brother burping just to piss me off.

4. What are your thoughts on re-gifting presents?  As long as you don’t regift it to the person that GAVE IT TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!  Yes, I know someone that did that.  RUDE!

5. What was your biggest accomplishment this week?  Getting out of bed.  Ha, no, um… Walking away from several things I wanted to buy.

6. What’s the title of the last movie you watched? Literally, Jane Eyre, but in the theaters, The Avenger’s!!!

7. If you could only choose one, would you rather have a full-time cleaning person or a full-time chef?  Oh that’s easy, cleaning!

8. Do you enjoy shopping for clothes, or do you dread it? If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time now, you know that I enjoy it. Of course, I’d enjoy it more if I was thinner…

9. What’s your favorite sport to play/watch? Watch- Baseball or Tennis.  Play- Does Pee-Wee Golf count?

10. If you could have coffee with anyone today who would you choose? I’d have to say one of my grandparents.  I just want to know more about my past, and I don’t really remember 3 of them because they died when I was little, so I’d like to ask them some questions.

Okay, gotta get back to finishing up The Voice!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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