Father’s Day Update

My life has been insanely busy but I thought I’d do a quick (but picture heavy) Father’s Day weekend update.

Saturday was Gina’s birthday and I hung out with them at the mall nearby which was a lot of fun. It’s fun being able to shop with someone closer to your age with similar tastes in clothes. Even Nick doesn’t mind shopping when he’s with her. He must really love her because he hated shopping with us. Ha! He had little Nick to keep him occupied though which is good.

My buddy and I looking at the different sentsy things in Bath and Body Works.


Such a cutie pie. They are so adorable together!


After the mall we all went home to freshen up before meeting at BJ’s in Folsom for her birthday dinner. It was a lot of fun. We even saw a person dressed up as Michael Jackson and took a picture with him. There was some tribute concert going on that night.

Aren’t they adorable?!


The little one watching Netfilx on his mom’s phone.


He even came over to sit on both of our laps to show us what he was watching.


See?! What a riot!


Definitely a fun day!

Sunday, Gina and Nicky came with us to St. Helena and Sonoma to visit my dad and go to Train Town. It was a pretty warm day but a lot of fun. Nicky LOVED the train and all of the rides there. The last time our family went there, they just had the train, and that was at least 20 or so years ago. It’s been a long time!

They came over to my condo (notice the Peet’s coffee in the background), and Nicky gets a little bashful but quickly warms up to us. He’s still getting to know us.


Going out the door. He’s a pretty cool kid.


Waiting in line for the train. We were at the end of the lane but someone got in back of us and managed to get our last car. Rude… So we just waited for the next train and took him on a ride first.


He loved the planes. It took him a minute to find out which way to move the stick to get it to go up, but he’s a quick learner.


While we waited in line again, Nick got little Nicky a pressed penny. He had fun turning the knob to make it.


Couldn’t resist taking a picture of these roses.


Finally on the train!







We made a 10-minute pit stop to feed the animals.




It’s amazing how quick that ride is when you’re older… After the train, we waited to go on this spinny ride that for the life of me I cannot remember the name of…


You can barely see him between the two of us but he had a lot of fun. No we did not squish him to death!


Up next the two Nicks went on the ferris wheel.


Then we took a stroll over to the kiddy roller coaster.


I asked him who he wanted to sit next to, me or Nick, and he said me. My heart melted!


We had 2 tickets left so Nicky and I waited in line for the carousel.






After that, he took a quick ride on this mini train (the kind they have in front of grocery stores or in malls).


Then we were off to St. Helena which was about a 40ish minute drive east. Here’s Sonoma’s town hall. Pretty!


Didn’t realize how windy the road was, pretty brutal, but the view after the rough part was gorgeous!


We stopped by to say hi to my dad and clean off his and my uncle/great grandfather’s headstones.


Then we had dinner at Market as usual.  We’ll go somewhere next time.  We love it but I’m sure there’s somewhere cheaper…


Had to get the usual butterscotch pudding.



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