Fat Acceptance In My Point Of View

I’ve been reading a lot of positive body image blogs and watching some videos on the matter as well because I want to learn more on the subject, I have several ebook samples saved to my Kindle app (I think I might switch over to Kindle, not sure yet but there seems to be a better selection) on fat acceptance and being a proud fat woman.

There are a lot of differing views on whether being fat causes health problems or if health problems cause weight gain, or whatever other view there is out there. Since I’m not an expert on the subject, I’m going to give my view on what Fat Acceptance means to me.

My view is that everybody is different.  Plain and simple.  What’s true for one person, isn’t for another.  In my personal experience, I was told if I lose weight, it should lessen some, if not all, of the symptoms that I experience with PCOS.  PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) will be a whole other subject because after 15 years of having it, I still don’t know all the answers.  Almost every doctor I have seen in my lifetime has just gone straight to the “you need to lose weight” excuse.  As if it’s a cure all or something.

I also have gall stones, and while I’m not getting them BECAUSE I’m fat, I do have a higher chance of passing a stone if I eat fattier foods so it really has nothing to do with weight.

My blood pressure and cholesterol have seen better days, more likely than not because of my weight, but not bad enough to have to be on medication for it.  I also don’t have much energy, and I know I am addicted to carbohydrates and I think the energy thing might relate more to the over consumption of carbohydrates than my weight, but it very well could be both. (Also, PLEASE lets stop saying CARBS! I HATE that word!)

So that being said, there are some things in my life that can benefit from losing some weight.  But I no longer care about losing weight to look better.  I am no longer allowing myself or others make me feel like I’m an inferior human being because I have this extra fat on my body. And that’s what fat acceptance means to me.

I am a big believe that fat shaming hurts rather than hinders weight loss.  I think we as a society need to worry more about eating healthy foods, than seeing a number on the scale.  Everyone is different, as I’ve stated already above, and I know people in my life that eat worse food than I do and are skinnier than I am.  That’s how God made me.  So I know that I will probably have a little extra “curvyness” to me no matter what my weight says and I am working on being okay with that.

I am no longer worrying about getting down to 130 pounds, I’m going to worry more about what kinds of foods I eat.  Doing this alone will probably help me lose some weight.  And I think this is something that we should all worry more about than what the number on the scale says.  It’s just a number.  It is not a measure of our self worth.

So to sum up, yes, I am a fat woman, but I am also, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a knower of all things Disney, and I’ll admit a bit of a hoarder (I’m working on it, Drena!).  I’m Italian, French and Irish.  I’m beautiful, caring, compassionate, empathetic, a great listener, funny, smart, a killer cook, and so so so much more than my weight.  I deserve love and respect. And I think it’s time society starts to look at the quality of a person instead of the “quantity”.


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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4 Responses to Fat Acceptance In My Point Of View

  1. Carol Ann Larade says:

    This is awesome! Thank you.

  2. Dan says:

    I disagree a bit. I mean, sure, shame on the people that are saying fat people are inferior beings or anything like that. But what I disagree with, is the fact that you should think that because you know some people that eat a bunch and don’t get fat, you should accept your “fate” because that’s how god made you. That’s completely wrong. Of course some people have higher metabolisms and such, but losing weight and having a healthy body is something that’s accessible to virtually anybody (except a few people with rare diseases), and you shouldn’t give up on that objective. I’m happy that you can be proud of who you are, and that you aren’t affected by silly remarks about your body, but you should still work on losing weight if you have too much. Being fat does creates problems, there are countless examples of that, people who’ve become fat without the help of a single disease. I know a lot of people who’ve lost their extra-weight, and they feel great about it. Not only because they’re prettier, but they’ve told me they also feel much better in general. It’s worth it, you can do it. If you had the convictions to accept your fat, I’m sure you can have the motivation to lose it. Good luck.

  3. Shannon says:

    Thank you for your comment. I am actually working on losing weight. I think you might have misunderstood what I meant by being okay with always being bigger. I meant that I’m not worrying about being “skinny” anymore. I do want to lose weight for my health (and I am working on that right now) but I am just taking a different approach to it.

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