Day Trip to Tahoe

I took a day trip to Lake Tahoe with my mom and Nick.  I haven’t been to Tahoe since 2011 which is probably the longest we’ve gone without being there and we all miss it a lot.  Since we live only 2 hours away from Tahoe now, we decided to take a day trip and just drive around the lake.

We left at 9 and drove towards North Shore.  We stopped in Auburn to get some coffee (in my case, iced tea) at Peet’s)


Nick’s new shirt.  I can’t believe they found a San Francisco Seal’s shirt.  The Seal’s used to be the AAA baseball team before the Giant’s moved from New York to SF.


Nick found a single serving of wine, and he does not approve.


Unlucky Charms: They’re Magically Disgusting! (Movie Nick saw at the Redbox Machine)


Back on the road.


I love the drive to Tahoe.  It’s so beautiful!



We took a quick stop in Truckee so nick could try some beer samples at a brewery there but we couldn’t find it so we just continued on to Tahoe.


If we didn’t leave so late, I would have loved to take some time looking through Old Town Truckee. IMG_4149 IMG_4148

Back on the Highway.


Those lines in the hill are ski slopes and I’m pretty sure that is part of NorthStar.


We finally got into King’s Beach. This lawn is a small golf course that my dad liked to go to sometimes.


We preferred to stay in North Shore, preferably Kings Beach or Incline areas.  It’s just more beautiful up here.


We drove down a little ways on the Nevada side of North Shore through Crystal Bay.

IMG_4175 IMG_4176 IMG_4178 IMG_4183

I love this bear crossing sign.


We got into Incline Village and drove down Lakeshore Blvd where the Billionaires Vacation… I love this gate.

IMG_4189 IMG_4193

We turned back around to take some pictures at a stop, and eventually make our way down to South Shore.

IMG_4202 IMG_4206 IMG_4209

Sometimes I wonder what’s going inside that head of his…

IMG_4210 IMG_4212 IMG_4214

I think he wants to conquer the world or something…


If I could live here, I totally would…

IMG_4223 IMG_4228 IMG_4230

We stopped in Tahoe City to have a quick bite before going to South Shore. We used to love going to this little “mall” but slowly they closed down all of the stores we liked going in to.

IMG_0758 IMG_0759

They have a small family run chain called Hacienda del Lago in Tahoe that we like and since it was close to when we’d be having dinner, we just got small things there.  I got a bowl of tortilla soup and luckily it was mainly broth and vegetables but it kept me good until dinner.


We like sitting out on the patio.  It was a little breezy but the weather was nice.

IMG_0762 IMG_0763 IMG_4235


We got back on the road to head towards Emerald Bay to take a few pictures.


This is a very popular place to take pictures, you can also walk down a 1 mile trail to Vikingsholm which was this mansion this lady lived in and take a tour of it.  I’ve never done it but I’d like to some time.


I offered to take a picture of this nice family and they offered to take one of us as well. You can tell by my mom and my hair, that it was quite windy up there.


It’s hard to see in this picture, but if you don’t know, there’s a little rock house on that island in the bay and the lady that owned the mansion used to go out there to have tea.  I think they called it her tea house but my mind is going blank at the moment…


After that, we went continued driving down to Stateline and went to the Harrah’s Forrest Buffet.  We always enjoyed it because of the view but it is expensive.  We liked the buffet at the Horizon across the street as well which was 1/3 of the price…


Can’t get away from the phones.



After dinner, we gambled a little. I lost $30 (could be worse), then headed home. It was a nice day, but I think we’ll stick to one side or the other next time and plan a little better of what to do.  I wish we could stay there even just for a weekend or something this year but our opportunity is coming close to an end. We’ll see though…


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