Weight Watchers Thursday: Lunch Planning

I know it’s coming a day late but I was exhausted yesterday and I threw corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot that morning so I had to dish it up and then we were talking about this Saturday because we are going to a Giant’s game in the city!!!!!!!!  I’m so excited. I haven’t been in years and I’m way overdue.

But, let me get back to today’s topic…

Our meeting this week was about planning out lunches for the week.  I have been pretty good about planning my lunches for the week so I’m not forced to go through a drive thru or go out and spend a ton of money which can be really easy to do.

I try to make something on Sunday or Monday night for the week like a casserole or if I don’t feel like cooking, I’ll get lunch meat for sandwiches and make sure I have a vegetable (or salad if I’m up to making one) or fruit and maybe some sort of chips or something (preferrable baked) to have with the sandwich.

I get up for work around 6 and I’m not a morning person (I like being able to leave at 4) so I need to have the easiest things possible to throw together in the morning. If I am bringing a salad for work, I will wash and dry the lettuce and cut up the vegetables and prepare everything else I need the night before because there is no way I’d be able to do that in the morning.  I got this container at the Weight Watchers center I believe is called the Salad to go Kit or something like that… It has a good-sized bowl to put your lettuce and other fresh ingredients in and there is a plastic ring with water in it to throw in the freezer to keep everything cold.  There is also a container for salad dressing that goes in the middle of the ring and on the top of the lid there are 2 wells to put things like nuts and/or dried fruit or whatever you like that might get soft with the other ingredients.

I’ll post some pictures of it when I get a chance.

Of course, there are days when you just need to get out of the office and have someone else prepare your lunch!  And the beauty of Weight Watchers is that you can do that.  It’s a very flexible program and I’m finally working it to my advantage and seeing that I can go out and enjoy myself and I don’t have to get some bland thing, I can go to regular restaurants with friends and family and not drive them crazy because most restaurants you can find something to fit into your budget.

I love having Thursday weigh in’s as well because my points start on Friday and I have that weekend to use my weekly and be a little more flexible.  It seems to really be working for me because I lost another pound this week.  I’m down a total of 8.6 pounds and I can’t believe that I’m doing this well so far.


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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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