Shannon Reviews Things- Whenever Bars

So I thought I’d start doing some product review type posts.  I’m calling them “Shannon Reviews Things” because my brother has a blog with that name (but with his name not mine, duh!) and I thought it was more clever than “Product Reviews…” Just short little reviews of products (not necessarily all food, or food related, it depends on what I feel like reviewing) I’ve tried and products I’ve been using for a long time that I would highly recommend.  Not all of the new products I review will be things that I love but I want to talk about them anyway in case there is someone out there that would enjoy them.


My first review is about Pamela’s Whenever Bars.  They caught my eye at Nugget Markets when I was in Roseville last Sunday and I thought I’d try them for breakfast for the week.  The fact that they had coconut and chocolate chips in them sold me.  I am not a big “bar” type person.  To me about 99% of them are way too sweet (I know with my sweet tooth that’s odd…) but these aren’t too bad. They are 5 Points+ plus which isn’t too bad when you think about the fact that they have coconut and chocolate in them.


They are decent sized for a bar, they are gluten and dairy free for those who can’t eat that kind of stuff.  I threw away the box but I do remember that there weren’t that many ingredients on the list so that’s a definite plus.

Taste wise, they are a little dry, but the flavor was good.  They come 5 in a box so I thought it was perfect for the work week and I didn’t feel like making anything for breakfast for the week. I paired a bar with a fat-free Yoplait yogurt and an apple each day and it got me through the morning pretty well. I have been wanting to eat my emotions this week so I’ve had urges to eat soon after but I’m not blaming that on the bars.

They make other flavors but these were the only ones I saw at the store so if you are interested in trying them you can go to their website for more information.  Or if you want to try this flavor and are in the Sacramento/Vacaville area, go to your local Nugget Market because that’s where I bought them.  More specifically, I got them at the Nugget in Roseville.

Okay, that’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed this new line of topics from me.  If you have any products you would like me to try, leave a comment and I’ll check it out!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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