Weight Watchers- Friends and Family without Food

I had another surprising week. I really should trust more in myself but it was a bad PMS week for me and I picked a lot.  But I still ended up losing .6 lbs so I’m happy.  I’m just 1.6 pounds away from my 10% goal. And I was aiming for that goal to be hit before leaving for my trip which is a week from tomorrow.  So if I lose that this week (which if I keep writing everything down, I should have no problem with) I’ll be in great shape!

This week’s topic was about social activities you can do without food involved. Being Italian, that’s not in our DNA. We have mini panic attacks if God forbid there wasn’t enough food (which there ALWAYS is) and someone go home not completely stuffed.

Food is so important to Italians, as well as other cultures (but since I grew up in that culture, that’s what I’m going with), and it’s a way of showing our love to our family and friends. My dad and aunt would tell me stories about how my grandfather built a table in their garage for their family dinners (with the cousins and neighbors) not only because there were too many people but because the plates (they literally ate off of platters) wouldn’t fit on the table upstairs. 

However, being that I am a Weight Watcher member, and I’m trying to get healthier, it is important to find other social things to do that don’t solely involve eating. The ideas they listed (which I’ll share my favorites as well as some I came up with below) may not be completely non-eating based but you aren’t constantly revolved around food.

Game Night- I love games of all sorts. I’m kind of the only one in the family that does so we don’t play very often.  My mom and brother like Yahtzee, and so do I, but I’d like to have more of an option of games to play.  My brother also plays with my Wii a lot (his consoles are in storage) and we used to play Mario racing and the Wii Sports games a lot and we’d laugh and actually I got a pretty good work out of beating his butt in the boxing game.  I remember us playing that when my dad was sick and he was getting a kick out of watching us play that. 🙂

Get outdoors- go for a walk with friends (slow enough for a conversation), go to a park and toss a frisby, take some nature photography, go for a bike ride.

Skating- go ice or roller skating.  I went to quite a few rollerstating parties growing up and we had a lot of fun, and every now and then they would have us play games like Simon Says which is hard for someone who doesn’t know how to use the break on their roller blades… (no one ever said I have great coordination…)

Get Crafty- I love crafts. I haven’t been good with it, but it can be as simple as coloring in a coloring book or doing something a little more involved like quilting or scrapbooking.  There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of things you can do to spark your creativity.

Join a book club- I am part of a book club and we meet once a month and have great conversations over the book we have of that month, and it’s great to hear what people pick up that you might have missed.

Go Bowling- bowling is fun. I’m terrible at it. (see the parentheses under skating)

Do Girly Stuff- Get a pedicure, go shopping, get a massage.

There are plenty of other things you can do, you just have to “think outside of the box” which is a saying I have never been crazy about but it’s true.

So, make a challenge this week (or soon) to do one thing with a friend or family member that doesn’t revolve around food. I am going to think up some ideas for next week myself (although I might be consumed with packing and cleaning…).


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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