Weight Watchers- Prep for Thanksgiving

So I’ve been busy and just didn’t have time to post this week’s topic on Thursday because I was busy packing (up until close to 2 am that night!) and we drove all day Friday.  I am now in Santa Monica at my cousin’s home for the weekend and so far we’re having a really nice time. We’re going to go for a walk on the beach and we haven’t quite decided what we’ll do today but I know I wanted to take advantage of being in Los Angeles because I’ve never really spend a whole lot of time around the area.  When we’d come to Southern California, it was more than likely to go to Disneyland.  So we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I am SO excited to say that I lost 2.2 lbs and hit my Thanksgiving goal of getting to my 10% this week! I couldn’t keep the goofy grin off of my face because having been on and off of Weight Watchers since the summer of 2005, I haven’t hit that yet. I got close, but never hit it.  And I must say I really love my meetings.  The people there are so supportive and our leader is amazing.  They were so genuinely happy for me when I hit my 10%.

This week’s topic was preparing us for Thanksgiving.  Usually the week before Thanksgiving they have us figure out how many points we ate last year, or help us to figure out how many we might spend this year.  We did talk a lot about what our struggles were going to be for Thanksgiving and how to prepare yourself.

Some of the tips I have heard this year and years past for “surviving” Thanksgiving are:

Only eat the things that you have once a year– If you eat mashed potatoes more occasionally than just on Thanksgiving, think about skipping them (or any other dish, I just know we eat mashed potatoes a little more often than once a year) or have a very small amount if you HAVE to have them.

Take small amounts of everything– If you really want to have everything, spoon up a small amount of everything you want and really try to take your time savoring the food on your plate. I do this at buffets and it’s worked out for me quite well.  If you have to go for seconds of something, do so, just remind yourself that is a possibility.

If you’re cooking, lighten up a couple of dishes- Say you’re hosting and doing most of the work, or even if you’re bringing a dish or two to a party, think about ways you can lighten them up.  I’m sure there are ways to do so for most side dishes you see at Thanksgiving. And if you’re worried about what people might think of it, don’t tell them.  Chances are, they won’t know the difference.

Save you’re weekly points and earn exercise points- Save up your extra points so you can enjoy what you want and you won’t feel deprived of your favorite foods.

Remember, it’s just one day- If you happen to eat your weight on Thanksgiving day, just remember, it’s only one day.  Just hop back on the next day.

We will survive this. We always do, and it’s okay to splurge.  It’s Thanksgiving after all .

I’ll try to get in an update or two while we are in Disneyland, but we won’t have internet at our hotel (I refuse to spend $13 a night for internet…) but they do have a Starbucks in the lobby so they might have free internet there.  So worst comes to worst, I’ll catch up when we get to Fresno on Thanksgiving day.

So if you don’t hear from me before, have a save and fun Thanksgiving and enjoy the time you have with your family.  God only knows how long it may last and we should appreciate what we have while we have it.


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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