So It Didn’t Work Out…

I have to confess to something.  Those first two days went okay. I was doing pretty well but I was driving my family nuts and I was moody as hell so I decided it’s not worth it to be that miserable and make everyone around me that miserable so I’m obviously still watching my fat intake, but I’m back to counting points.  I’m not putting down Simply filling at all, I think it’s a great way to utilize Weight Watchers, it’s just not for me at this point in time.  If I was living alone than that would probably have been a different story.

Sunday was too busy for me to update and we didn’t get home until after 9 so I’ll spare you the details.  We went last night when we got home from Fresno to see August: Osage County and it was depressing as hell!  The acting was amazing, but I could have lived without seeing such a screwed up family.  I have enough problems of my own!

Anyway, this morning, I grabbed a breakfast burrito which lasts with me.  They’re pretty good.  I think I’ve mentioned them before (don’t act like you don’t know I have a crap memory!) and they’re good in a pinch.  I’d rather have something homemade but I didn’t have the time… Not bad for 8 pp.



I had another Granola Bar for my morning snack at 4 pp.



Right after finishing my morning-snack, I went for a 15 minute walk with my friend from work and we got in around 9/10ths of a mile in 15 minutes.  That’s what 3 laps around our building is… Which is pretty good for me.  I used to only get around the building twice in about 15 minutes so I’m speeding it up. It really helps to have a buddy to walk with.  Especially one that has longer legs and more energy! 🙂

I had this at home and thought it would get me through the rest of the day.  It wasn’t that great.  I really shouldn’t buy canned soup.  I should just make my own.  It’s so much better, and better for you.  You know what’s going into it.  But at least it only cost me 6 pp.




We did another 15 minute walk in the afternoon, and I finished out my work day which has been crazy busy!  Keeps the days going by quick!


For dinner I had linguine with “Fresno Sauce” from an italian deli I mentioned the on Saturday, with a slice of sourdough, and a new vegetable recipe that I learned from my aunt.  I told you, I learn new recipes every time I go down there! I’m posting it immediately after this because it’s so simple and tasty that you have to try it! I calculated the pasta to 12 pp because I had 2 servings, the sugar snap peas at 1 (recipe right after this post) and the bread with butter at 3.



And now, I’m sitting with my mom and sick brother watching Star Trek: Into Darkness, and trying to continue on my crocheting which I’ve been working on for the last 4 years…


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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