Weight Watchers Weigh In and Catch Up on the Last Two Weeks

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I don’t see it getting any lighter.  Last Saturday, I went to a Disney Club meeting which was one I was looking forward to.  This month they had the author of Disneyland: Seen and Unseen, he’s local, and it was a great meeting.  He was very friendly and answered a lot of questions.  He’s also working on another book about Disneyland, a DCA book, and if those two do well enough, he’s contemplating books about Disney World.  It was interesting to learn a little bit about what goes in to publishing a book. After the presentation, we played a where in the park Disneyland game.  We were split into 4 groups and had to guess where close up pictures of different parts of Disneyland were taken.  It was so fun!

After that, I met Gina and her sister in Folsom at the outlets and ended up getting a different shrug for a dress I’m wearing to my friend’s wedding in April which I feel more comfortable in.

Sunday, I got cash at SaveMart on my way to the Farmer’s Market and grabbed some granola bars because I forgot to eat breakfast.  They have two RedBox kiosks there and for the hell of it, I thought I’d check to see if they had Catching Fire, I saw it on the first one and immediately grabbed it only to double check and see that it was the first Hunger Games movie… SO, I took it back and by some miracle they had a copy of Catching Fire in the other kiosk and paid another $1.30 for the correct one.

After my brief visit to SaveMart, I walked around the farmer’s market with my Kenyan made basket, got a 5 pound bag of apples (only to find out that the vast majority of them are old and crappy so I’m making apple sauce!), a 5 pound bag of clementines, a 1 pound bag of roasted and salted pistachios for my mom, and a bunch of carrots for the corned beef and cabbage. After that, I ran home, put on my work out clothes and threw the clothes I was originally wearing in my bag, and went to the gym.  I got in a 20 minute session on the elliptical.

After that, I went to Whole Foods in Folsom to walk around a bit, get lunch, and a few things.  I got a 1 lb jar of raw local honey (trying it out for allergy purposes) which I tried on some whole wheat bread at lunch today and I really liked it, a bag of organic roasted salted soy nuts, 3 baskets of organic strawberries, some spring water, California roll and salad for a late lunch, and a couple of other things that my mind is blanking on at the moment.  Then I went to the See’s next door to get my mom a few pieces and some little pops since she gives See’s up for lent and thought she could have a couple that day.

By then, I was almost ready to meet up with Nick and Gina to go to Trader Joes for food for Monday but I had a few minutes until they got there so I ran into Target and got body wash and deodorant.  They had Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse body wash/shampoo (for kids obviously) by Method on sale and I absolutely and without shame got the Minnie Mouse soap!  It smells like Strawberry candy!  Method is one of the more Earth friendly products so that was a HUGE added bonus.  I don’t think I would have gotten it had it not been.

By then, they decided that the two Nicks needed hair cuts so I met them to go do that, then we ran into Walmart (I don’t personally shop there for ethical reasons but Gina needed some things. I want to add too I don’t judge people who do.  It really is much cheaper and I’m not forcing my personal beliefs on anyone.), then got to Trader Joe’s where I got a TON of crap.  I got corned beef, some iced green tea with blueberry and pomegranate (I think), green tea bags for work, Ak-Mak crackers since they are whole wheat, shampoo and conditioner (they smelled fantastic and wanted to give some of their home goods a try), body wash (I forgot I got the Method stuff and might bring this back, or wait until I run out of the other stuff), bananas (can’t beat 19 cents per banana), organic celery, a Heather plant for my mom, chocolate crunch bars for my mom and Nick, sharp cheddar squares, some stuff for breakfast and lunch for the week, and I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting…

Needless to say it was a big shopping day but I have enough food for at the very least this week.  Unfortunately it was one of those pay periods where you need to replenish a lot of necessities and at least their shampoo and conditioner were fairly cheap at $2.99 per bottle.

After the shopping spree, we went to Gina’s for dinner and my mom came up as well.  They made breaded chicken but left some non breaded for me and my mom whipped up mashed potatoes.  It was a nice night.  My mom got tipsy so we left her car there for Nick to drive back and I drove her home.

The work week went by FAST which is always a good thing.  Nick and Gina came over for Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patrick’s day along with Nicky and Gina’s niece Gracie.  I got them a few Dollar Section things at Target for St. Patrick’s Day and they watched SpongeBob the Movie in my room while we watched Catching Fire and visited.  We only ended up paying attention to 1/2 of the movie so Gina and I decided to go see it at the mall nearby that shows movies that are borderline out on DVD.  It’s only $4 per person which is great.

I had a teeth cleaning appointment on Tuesday and Frozen came out on DVD/BluRay and I got my copy along with some lithographs which I will share on my Disney fan website in the next day or two as well.

Wednesday I met Gina and her sister at the mall to visit and we had dinner at Red Robin.  I got the Chicken Ensanada Platter because I decided to add no white flour to my list of Lenten sacrifices because I’ve been out of hand with my eating and I think it’s helping.

I found out that I lost 2 pounds this week and I know a lot of it had to do with the fact that I’m not eating highly processed foods with white flour in it.  I haven’t been 100% perfect but obviously it helped immensely.  I got another ActiveLink at Weight Watchers since they were having a $5 off sale and I haven’t found my Fitbit charger in weeks… So when I do, I’m going to use both because the Fitbit keeps track of how many steps you take so you have an idea of how well you’re doing.  The ActiveLink tells you how many points you earn in a day with everything you do but you don’t know until you plug it in to your computer.  So they’ll both serve their own purposes.

I’ll go into further detail in the next day or two about what the ActiveLink is but for now I am watching Frozen!


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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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