31 Years Ago

July 18th was my 31st birthday.  I still can’t believe I’m supposed to be a responsible adult.  When did all of this happen? It’s weird.  Anyway, I took the day off to go to the Walt Disney Family Museum with my mom and two of my oldest and best friends in the whole world!  I haven’t seen them much over the years and I hope I can change that because we have a lot of history together.  Our mothers were best friends and I practically lived at their house during the Summer.  We took quite a few trips together too, especially to Lake Tahoe.  Lots and lots of history!


Anyway, I specifically wanted to go to the museum because at the moment they have a special exhibit on Mary Blair.  I am a big fan of her work and I was really excited that they let you take pictures there now too (except where it says not to) and I will go into that whole day trip on my Disney blog and link to it when I have it posted.

As I said, it was so great to catch up with my friends and at the moment anyway we are keeping in touch so I’m really hoping that we won’t let another 10+ years go by without communicating.  They were the sisters I never had and we’ve all been through quite a bit together.


Saturday, I continued my “birthday weekend” by attending the July meeting for my Disney group (another post on my Disney blog that will be up after the day trip to the museum) and I met up with my brother and soon to be sister-in-law (1 week away!) while the boys got haircuts then we went to our respective homes to rest for a minute, and met back up for dinner at Johnny Garlic’s which is owned by Guy Fieri.


The food was really good and Nick even braved ordering “Hunter’s Special” (Hunter is Guy’s son) at the moment which was Alligator Jambalaya.  I had a bite of it and taste wise it wasn’t bad.  Pretty mild but a little chewy.  I wouldn’t order it personally but I’m glad I can now say I’ve tried gator! I had shrimp scampi which was a little bland compared to everyone else’s food but I’d go back for special occasions.


The little guy is obsessed with taking selfless right now and he wanted to take one with me (after taking over 250 on his mother’s phone and I’m not even exaggerating!)


After that, we went to the mall nearby quickly so the Little Bug could go on the carousel a couple of times.


We had to go through Nordstrom to get back to our car and I needed red lipstick for my upcoming and since I kind of like the way it looks on me (even though I’m still kind of self-conscious with it on, but if I wear it to special occasions it will hopefully help me with that.) What do you think?


Then went over to Farrel’s for ice cream and I made the mistake of telling them it was my birthday!  They go ALL out there! I was mortified! Gina insisted on taking a video and they made me make bird noises.  That’s nothing compared to a friend of mine that had to hip-hop dance! At least I got a free sundae out of the deal!


The two lovebirds!


My mom got Little Nick a styrofoam hat that the waiters wear.


Sunday, I slept my butt in and got some errands done for the week, and went to the Crocker Art Museum for “Pay What You Wish Day” which is every 3rd Sunday.  They had a special quilt exhibit which was sort of cool to see how detailed they were.  Most were from the 1850s and all hand stitched so you can imagine how long they took to make.

This is the old original part of the Crocker Art Museum.


And this is the new… Don’t ask me why it’s such an opposite style of architecture…







That about wraps up my birthday weekend.  I had a lot of fun and I hope this year will be a good one…  I also am going to make more of an effort than I have been lately with posting here.  I am making a plan for at least once or twice a week to get something out so keep checking back!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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