Back from Vacation

I really do have intentions of posting more often and I know I talk about this a lot and I hate that I get distracted then procrastinate and all of a sudden a month goes by…

Just going to give you a quick update. I am currently in Fresno on the last day of a week long trip for my mother and me.  We spent 1/2 of the week in Santa Monica with my cousin, then left early Wednesday to beat the traffic on the worst driving day of the year to spend the long Thanksgiving weekend in Fresno at my aunt’s house.  I am going to attempt to get a daily trip report in on this blog but since we SPENT A DAY IN DISNEYLAND, I’ll post that on the other blog and I think I can repost that here…

So as soon as I get home I will make an effort to get working on that and I want to come up with some ideas for topics for the blog so I can post more frequently.  I know I sometimes do a recap of the Weight Watchers meeting so I will continue doing that but I want to come up with other ideas too for not only weight loss but just general being healthy both physically and mentally as I struggle with both.

So I will end on that note as I need to finish up packing and getting ready so we can head out early to get through the storms in California (which we desperately need!) and get back to Sacramento in one piece.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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