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Weight Watchers- Tiny Steps to Success

This week I had a hard time controlling my eating and ended up gaining 1 pound.  It was just a rough week, I had the emotional part for a few days and the rest of the week I was constantly hungry. So I paid for it, but it’s over and we’re onto another week.

This week’s topic was about taking small steps to get to your goals.  Our leader passed around a ream of paper and had us all guess how much it weighed but I had a bit of an unfair advantage since I used to work in a mailroom and lifted them all the time and I thought I remembered them being 5 pounds per ream and it turns out I was correct.

She used the ream of paper as a symbol that you can’t rip the whole thing at once, but you can do one sheet at a time no problem and that really is a good point.  Taking baby steps makes reaching your goals easier and it’s something I forget and really should focus on.

I have made baby steps that I stick with like eventually removing fast-food (my bad habit places at least as I go to Panda, since there are healthy options, and maybe 2-3 times per year to In-n-Out still but I can handle myself with those two restaurants) from my eating and I’ve been without fast food for over a year now.

I miss Taco Bell on occasion, especially when I’m driving by and I’m starving, but I just force myself to stop thinking about it because I can’t go back there.  If I start eating Taco Bell again, I’ll order enough food for 3 or 4 people, then I’ll start doing the same at McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, etc.  I can’t do that to myself.  I consider that a baby step because at first, I allowed myself to have it on Thursdays after weigh in and I just eventually stopped all together.

A baby step I’m working on right now is removing processed foods from my life.  I won’t say that I’ll do that 100 percent but I do want to eventually get to a point where I’m making most of my meals and eating out less.  I’ve done well but I have some moments.

Anyway, I do want to make some goals for actually losing weight thought so I’m going to make a baby step of one- tracking everything and two- losing 1 pound per week. If I stick to tracking religiously, I know I’ll lose at least a pound per week.

Another thing she mentioned is celebrating your accomplishments.  This is something I have trouble doing but I am going to come up with a list and I may have it as a top ten for next week.

For now, I should go because I’m spending the night at my brother’s home while he’s going to the bay area so my sister-in-law and I can get my nephew’s bedroom organized so I better get to bed so I’m ready for tomorrow!

What are your mini goals? Do you have a favorite way to celebrate successes? 

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Overwhelmed with Organization

This promise I made to myself is already feeling overwhelming.  The first room I’m working on for this year long project is my bedroom.  I know I have it broken down into sections, the closet, bed area (I got new “end tables” that I will show later on), dresser, and dressing table and I have to tell you, I go in there just to start clearing things up for the area I’m going to work on and I take one step into my room with this mindset and I have to turn around and leave because it just gives me a headache.  I’m trying to not look at it as a whole but I can’t help but see the entire thing and it’s just too much to think about.

I have more motivation on the weekends but I still am struggling with just starting. I think what I need to do is put on music and maybe set a timer for even 15 minutes and say to myself, just work until that timer goes off and see what you did. Then gradually add time to the timer.

I’ll tell you the whole thing makes me wish I was in a Disney movie so I could either have little woodland creatures helping me out or be one of the fairy Godmothers and I could just use a wand to do my bidding so I can put all of the crap away with the flick of a wrist or just making it disappear all together. Disney really does set impossible standards in that sense.  Not one squirrel or bird has offered to help me!

All joking aside, my plan for the week is to do what I mentioned. Turn on Pandora, set my timer for 15 minutes at least once, maybe twice (with a break in between) per day until I have each section done.  My goal for the closet is to get it done in a week.  I think that’s doable.  And of course I will document the before and after when I am finished and I’m really excited to get that posted.

So as stated above, I didn’t get started on organizing over the weekend.  I really didn’t get anything done on Saturday and I went to Ikea and my brother’s home on Sunday.  I have to admit this and I hate that I get this way but I have been on a mood roller coaster on and off since Saturday and I get upset over the smallest things. Maybe I have super early PMS I don’t know but I can’t figure it out.

Like, I was screaming my head off driving home today and I practically want to cry right now because I ruined this recipe for breakfast I tried to make.  News flash- baking eggs without scrambling with milk and/or cheese can make them SUPER hard and now I want to cry. That’s not normal.

Maybe I’m in a funk right now and I just need a good cry to get it all out.  Sometimes I have those moments and if I have a good cry it releases all of the emotions going on in my head. I’m going to keep an eye on it over the next couple of days and see what happens.

Do you get overwhelmed with big organizing projects?

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Chow Mein, Jekyll & Hyde, and Purse Organization

No recipe this week, but I did make Chow Mein for the first time which is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  My mom makes an amazing Chinese Barbecued pork tenderloin and we had leftover so I tried it and it was good. It needs tweaking so I’m not prepared to share yet. I do have a couple of recipes under my belt to post but I wanted to go a different route this week and show you how I organized my new purse.

The noodles tasted more like rice noodles, a little on the slimy textured side so next time I will try a different brand.


After my early dinner, I went to see Jekyll & Hyde at the Harris Center for the Arts located at Folsom Lake College. Its’ a beautiful theater.  And fyi- this was taken with my new phone. I would say it’s an improvement from my old phone.  I could never take a picture like this!  Can’t wait to try it out on dark rides in Disneyland!



This is the nicest college theater I have ever seen. The plays here are professional though, the college performances are at other theaters on the campus.


Fancy ergonomic bench.


We sat at the very back of the theater but the seats were still great. We had the back row to ourselves.



They even had creepy blinking cat eyes on the mesh screen during intermission.


So onto my tutorial on how I organized my new purse.  I went from this…


Not bad, but too many places for things to hide. It’s a B. Makowsky bag that I got at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago. I definitely won’t get rid of it but it needs a little TLC and I can’t be trusted with it until I get more responsible with organization.



Oh no, it gets worse when you take out the wallet… It’s just an endless pile of… Stuff…


So seeing that, I obviously had to do some major cleansing of what I really needed to keep with me. Oh yes, that is a Dooney & Bourke purse that I got for $65 at TJ Maxx why do you ask? As I said, small, but it’s cute. See?


So here is what I dwindled down too. Small bag for smaller items, wallet, thin “coin purse” for receipts, coupons, etc., purse holder (silver ring), pen/stylus (Yes it does both), hand cream, kleenex pack, sunglasses, little bag with ear buds, and keys, and not pictured is my phone which I should have fused to my arm because I was taking the pictures with it.


The little gold bag is where I put smaller items that can just fall to the bottom of the purse including lip gloss, hand sanitizer, band aids (because I’m klutzy), gum or mints depending on my mood, contacts case and cleanser (because as a contacts wearer, you never know when you’ll need it), lip balm for when I don’t want to wear lip gloss, gum picks to get food out from between your teeth (these things are amazing!!! They carry them by the floss.), a little blue pill fob (my mom got it for me at Safeway and it was perfect!), and I keep an essential oil on me in case I feel like wearing something. Tweezers and nail clippers not pictured because I don’t have them yet but I always wish I had some on me and they are small enough to keep on hand.


Also, I put my keys on a carabiner to clip onto my purse strap so I don’t lose them! You have no idea how many times I’ve been stressed about being late for work because I couldn’t find my keys. I got this pack of 3 for $1.50 at Target in the sporting section. I took the blue, gave my mom the purple, and Gina the red.


So I clipped the keys and purse hanger onto the straps and everything fits with pretty much no room to spare, so I will have to be diligent with keeping it that way. I may get rid of the coin purse thing because I usually put that stuff in my wallet anyway. It has the room for it…


Front view. I hope to God I don’t get this thing dirty.  As I said I’m sure plenty of times, klutzy!


What do you think? Are you as bad as I am with disorganized purses? What are some of your must haves you keep in your purse?

Oh! PS- Earlier today I got my 100th follower!  Thanks guys! I hope you’re enjoying my posts.  Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to write about in relation to Weight Watchers, or whatever!

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Shopping and the Beginning of Organization

Why is it that even though I had a three day weekend, it still goes by in a blur? I hate this.  I think I need to plan a week off soon just to get some work done around my home and get a break.  Unfortunately this time of year is not good for me to take a week off so I may need to wait until maybe March when we get a little break between busy times. I might be able to squeeze a week in February but we’ll see.

Saturday I went to January’s Disney Club Event and we were creating cards for the sick at South Sacramento’s Kaiser Hospital.

I did some Minnie Disneybounding with my new Minnie Mouse tank and bracelet I got at Disneyland. The bracelet matches the earrings I have that I love! Not shown are my new Minnie Mouse shoes from Torrid. They are online only so get them while you can!



The ladies that ran the meeting made templates so we had ideas to go off of.  I was at a table working on Cards with Disney Princess silhouettes and a butterfly sky pattern.



I did some shopping, ran a few errands. Got a pair of shoes at Marshall’s and a new purse at TJ Maxx both which were desperately needed.  I actually am having a post coming up soon (maybe tomorrow) showing a before and after of organizing my purse. I thought it might be good for me to post about my progress with organization in my life and I stared with something easy which was my new purse.  Which was not as easy as you’d think because the purse is smaller than what I’m used to but I made it work!

Today we went to see American Sniper which was very well done.  I had no idea that the actress that played his wife was Sienna Miller with dark brown hair until the credits.  I was watching the movie and thought she had a familiar look to her but then I saw her name and it clicked.  Anyway, it was great and very moving.

That’s just about the recap for my weekend. I don’t have many plans for the rest of the week. I made burritos for lunches (recipe this week) and a couple of these protein pancakes from Danica’s Daily blog (if you haven’t heard of her, follow her. I love her blog!).  I attempted to make five but I had half the eggs I needed and 1 of the pancakes had an incident and ended up with two.. So I got ingredients to make a French Toast Bake I made maybe a year ago but I guess I never posted about it so I will have a recipe for that too in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I am going to see a play with my friends’ family (one sister lives in England and the other in New York so they became a surrogate replacement for the two sisters between being able to see either of them.) at a local college.  We’re meeting for dinner then seeing Jekyll an Hyde.

The rest of the week will be making a plan for tackling organizing my bedroom so hopefully I can get started on that soon.  We need to get the place cleaned up anyway because my cousin is coming up from LA as soon as she can get a cheap flight up to Sacramento.

Okay have a great week! Comment with your fun plans for the week!

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Friday Top Ten- Favorite iPhone Apps

Today was an interesting day at work.  I was swamped but I did get a chance to donate blood for the first time.

I got a sticker but I lost it so you get a picture of my arm instead!


When I got home I made a couple of batches of Cinnamon Sugar Chex Mix (I’m calling it Churro Chex Mix for the Disney theme) for the Disney meeting tomorrow and it tastes amazing. I almost want to make a third batch (Only makes 4 cups) because we kept picking at it…


Anyway onto the topic at hand, I wanted to start doing top ten lists again I just get writers block when I know I need to start thinking of ideas so I need to plant a seed in my brain to get these ideas going and then I should be good. So if you have any ideas for top ten lists you’d like me to do, please comment below!

This week’s Top Ten list is my Favorite Apps.  Since I got my phone, I’ve been looking for new apps and I found a few that I am really excited about.  Some of the list will be apps that I’m sure everyone has but I will keep that to a minimum because what’s fun about a list of apps that everyone has like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram (all I use frequently but I will skip those in the list).  So onto the list!

  1. Timehop (Free) – Timehop is an app that you link to social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and you can even set up to iPhoto on your computer and your camera on your phone. It lets you see what you did on the day 1 year ago + I got as far as 5 years but I’m not sure if it goes further than that. It’s fun to reminisce over what you did, what pictures you took, etc.
  2. Waze (Free) – Waze is a social navigation app and the main reason I use it is because people post updates (I’m sure there is a safe way to do it or a passenger does it because that’s totally not safe!) on traffic conditions, if they spot a cop, how fast the traffic is going, etc.
  3. Camera+ ($2.99)- My cousin told me about this (and a couple other photo editing apps but this is my favorite) app for editing photos on your phone. There are quite a few filters and frames to fiddle around with your images and you have the option to buy packages of more filters, frames, etc. It does cost a couple bucks but I really enjoy it.
  4. Weight Watchers Mobile (Free) – I had to add this since I’m on Weight Watchers and all. If you don’t have this app and you have the monthly pass, you are missing out! It makes tracking so much easier! There are a ton of resources and the scanner is very handy when you’re at a grocery store. They recently added a 24 hour chat feature too (on the website as well) I could really write a whole post on this app and I may do that at a future date.
  5. PumpUp (Free) – I haven’t really used it but I love the idea of it, I just need to get diligent with exercise.  PumpUp is like Facebook for activity.  You can track your activity and weight , share photos, and even build a workout they will tailor to what you want to do (Lose weight, build muscle, etc), choose a fitness level, how much time, equipment within reach and it will create a workout for you.  I love that idea.
  6. Bloglovin’ (Free) – I read a lot of blogs myself and I chose Bloglovin’ to organize them and get reminders of what blogs I haven’t had a chance to read yet.
  7. Disneyland Explorer (Free) – It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a Disney app to the mix! When I’m going through withdrawals and missing Disneyland, I go through the Disneyland Explorer app.  It’s almost like having Disneyland in the palm of your hand.  Not quite but it helps!
  8. Slotomania (Free) – There are a ton of slot games out there but this is my favorite.  You get chances of getting extra free coins and spins if you like them on Facebook too.
  9. Scannable (Free) – I recently discovered this app and I’m so excited about it.  It’s a free scanner for your phone owned by Evernote.  (I would add that app to the list too but to be honest I’m new with it and my brother needs to teach it to me and don’t let him know I need his help because I’ll never live that down)
  10. Goodreads (Free) – I have a Goodreads account and it’s a great site if you’re a reader.  You can save books to your reading list and review books you’ve read, and add your friends too.

Okay there’s my list, I hope you find some that are new to you and that you would enjoy.  Most as you see are free with one that you have to buy but let me know what you think!

What are your favorite apps? Don’t forget to give me suggestions for lists you’d like to see in the future!

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Weight Watchers- Scheduling Meals and Snacks

I missed the first 20 minutes (which is most of it) of the meeting but my leader goes late so I got the gist in.  I did lose 2.8 pounds so that made it all worth it!

This week’s meeting was about scheduling your meals and snacks.  Missing most of the meeting left me a little in the fog on the subject.

I guess it all boils down to knowing times of the day when you get super hungry and making sure you either eat a meal or have a snack.

For instance, I am bad at eating an afternoon snack and that makes me completely ravenous when I get home from work at 4:30 (ish) and I’ve been known to eat an entire meal instead of a snack to tide me over until dinner which we usually eat no earlier than 7 (if I had my way I would have dinner when I get home but that’s too early I know).  So I really need to find good filling snacks with a lot of protein and fiber.

From what I got in the meeting, everyone has a different struggle whether it be a particular time of the day, finding time to eat period, or just planning in general. So with that, my goal for this week to make sure I have a healthy and satisfying afternoon snack.

Tomorrow I am (hopefully nothing will go wrong) going to be donating blood for the first time and I’m really looking forward to the experience.  I’ve never donated blood before and since my dad relied heavily on blood and platelet transfusions in the last months of his life, I feel an even stronger need to donate myself.  I want to sign up for the bone marrow transplant list as well. Anyway, I will let you know how it goes tomorrow!

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Recipe- Roasted Vegetables

I’m on a roll at the moment! This recipe is a bit of a work in progress but I was inspired by this recipe I found on Pinterest.  I did originally do exactly what the recipe showed and it was amazing but I wanted to tailor it to the vegetables my family enjoys and making more of it because our roasting pan is huge. This recipe is a work in progress and if I get to a point where I perfect it, I will update it.  I’m more interested in the the roasted vegetables so that’s what this is and I happened to add sausages like the original recipe shows but I’m sure you can have this with chicken, pork, or whatever you’d like.

  • 1 large onion cut into chunks
  • 4 large carrots cut into 2-inch chunks
  • 1 red bell pepper sliced
  • 2 cups Brussels sprouts cut in 1/2
  • 6 small red potatoes quartered
  • 1 yam or sweet potato in good sized chunks
  • 1 dozen mushrooms quartered
  • 4-6 cloves garlic pressed it very finely minced
  • 1 can chicken broth
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon each dried Rosemary, thyme, oregano, and basil
  • Salt and black pepper

Heat the oven to 450. Prep all of the vegetables except for the yam (takes way less than the rest of the vegetables) and throw in a big roasting pan, salt and pepper generously. Mix the broth, olive oil, garlic, and herbs in a bowl and pour over the vegetables. Mix the vegetables with the broth mixture and cover with foil. Bake for 45 minutes to an hour until vegetables are fork tender.


I added sausages like the original recipe but since I wanted to have something less fattening, I used Aidells Chicken Mango Sausages.


I cut them in 1/2 and browned them in a pan for a couple of minutes then added them when the vegetables were done.

I got a new Misto Sprayer and I really need to learn how to use it but it works okay. I figured it’s much healthier for you than the spray cans.

UntitledI added the sausages and yams to the vegetables, stirred them around a bit and put the pan back in the oven uncovered for another 30-45 minutes or until the yams are done. Keep in mind I have a crappy oven and everything takes longer so everything may be quicker (45 minutes for the raw vegetables, and maybe 20-30 minutes for the yams) in your much better oven. (Trust me, it’s better.)

There was a little too much liquid and I would like the vegetables to be more browned but it tasted good.


This easily made 6 servings of vegetables and that came out to 4 points plus per serving (Not including sausage or other meat). Again, needs a little work but it’s not bad I really enjoyed it and had left overs for the next couple of days.