Weight Watchers Thursday- Portion Control

I know it is Friday but I was out late last night. No not partying, grocery shopping because I’m wild and crazy that way.

We started a Weight Loss Challenge at work on Monday where everyone who wants to join in puts $20 into the pool and the person with the highest percentage of weight loss wins.  Since I’m already trying, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try to win some money. I’m not going to kill myself over it but it would be awesome if I won. I could use the money! Just found out today too that the prize pool is $220 so that again, would be awesome!

This weekend we are supposed to be going to Verizon to switch to their new plan and get all three of us on smart phones and the price should be more managable especially for my mom.  Plus, I’ll finally be getting the new iPhone 6.  I am going to go with the 6 Plus, I know it’s freaking huge but the camera is better and the battery life is longer and a friend of mine at work has it and she likes it.

This week I’ve been doing fairly well with the whole clean eating part of my promises for the year. I haven’t gotten back into exercising yet but I do want to get back into that and make an attainable goal for exercise. As I said before, I’ve never been consistent with the exercise part and I don’t want to push myself. I have a problem too with wanting to binge eat after a particularly rigorous workout so I don’t want that to happen either.

I did eat some processed food (and a frozen meal from Trader Joe’s) Friday night and Thursday and immediately felt bloated and ended up gaining .4 lb at weigh in so I’m curious if it was that or if I ate more than I though.  I need to stick to writing it all down. I get lazy about it. 

At the meeting I did splurge a little bit and got their starter kit and pilates exercise DVD which I will review both soon I just need to try them out but I’m excited to try them both out.  I made a promise to the lady that weighed me in who is super sweet that I would cancel our membership at the gym since we don’t go and it’s a waste of money so I am going to go do that and get it over with. 

Now finally on to the meeting.  It was about portioning out foods and ways to do that.  They had two people put what they thought was 1 cup of cereal into a bowl and they both were way under. In fact, both bowls came to just over 1 full cup.  It shows the importance of weighing and measuring foods instead of guessing and while I’m not too strict with measuring out fruit and vegetables, I do know the importance of weighing how much turkey I put on a sandwich, or measuring how much rice I put on my plate.  It keeps you honest with what you are eating.

Anyway that’s just about all I have at the moment. I am trying to post more often than I did last year and I’m writing down lists of ideas so I can get to writing so keep checking back. Don’t forget to comment if you have any blog topic ideas or anything you’d like to add!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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