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Friday Top Ten- Favorite iPhone Apps

Today was an interesting day at work.  I was swamped but I did get a chance to donate blood for the first time.

I got a sticker but I lost it so you get a picture of my arm instead!


When I got home I made a couple of batches of Cinnamon Sugar Chex Mix (I’m calling it Churro Chex Mix for the Disney theme) for the Disney meeting tomorrow and it tastes amazing. I almost want to make a third batch (Only makes 4 cups) because we kept picking at it…


Anyway onto the topic at hand, I wanted to start doing top ten lists again I just get writers block when I know I need to start thinking of ideas so I need to plant a seed in my brain to get these ideas going and then I should be good. So if you have any ideas for top ten lists you’d like me to do, please comment below!

This week’s Top Ten list is my Favorite Apps.  Since I got my phone, I’ve been looking for new apps and I found a few that I am really excited about.  Some of the list will be apps that I’m sure everyone has but I will keep that to a minimum because what’s fun about a list of apps that everyone has like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram (all I use frequently but I will skip those in the list).  So onto the list!

  1. Timehop (Free) – Timehop is an app that you link to social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and you can even set up to iPhoto on your computer and your camera on your phone. It lets you see what you did on the day 1 year ago + I got as far as 5 years but I’m not sure if it goes further than that. It’s fun to reminisce over what you did, what pictures you took, etc.
  2. Waze (Free) – Waze is a social navigation app and the main reason I use it is because people post updates (I’m sure there is a safe way to do it or a passenger does it because that’s totally not safe!) on traffic conditions, if they spot a cop, how fast the traffic is going, etc.
  3. Camera+ ($2.99)- My cousin told me about this (and a couple other photo editing apps but this is my favorite) app for editing photos on your phone. There are quite a few filters and frames to fiddle around with your images and you have the option to buy packages of more filters, frames, etc. It does cost a couple bucks but I really enjoy it.
  4. Weight Watchers Mobile (Free) – I had to add this since I’m on Weight Watchers and all. If you don’t have this app and you have the monthly pass, you are missing out! It makes tracking so much easier! There are a ton of resources and the scanner is very handy when you’re at a grocery store. They recently added a 24 hour chat feature too (on the website as well) I could really write a whole post on this app and I may do that at a future date.
  5. PumpUp (Free) – I haven’t really used it but I love the idea of it, I just need to get diligent with exercise.  PumpUp is like Facebook for activity.  You can track your activity and weight , share photos, and even build a workout they will tailor to what you want to do (Lose weight, build muscle, etc), choose a fitness level, how much time, equipment within reach and it will create a workout for you.  I love that idea.
  6. Bloglovin’ (Free) – I read a lot of blogs myself and I chose Bloglovin’ to organize them and get reminders of what blogs I haven’t had a chance to read yet.
  7. Disneyland Explorer (Free) – It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a Disney app to the mix! When I’m going through withdrawals and missing Disneyland, I go through the Disneyland Explorer app.  It’s almost like having Disneyland in the palm of your hand.  Not quite but it helps!
  8. Slotomania (Free) – There are a ton of slot games out there but this is my favorite.  You get chances of getting extra free coins and spins if you like them on Facebook too.
  9. Scannable (Free) – I recently discovered this app and I’m so excited about it.  It’s a free scanner for your phone owned by Evernote.  (I would add that app to the list too but to be honest I’m new with it and my brother needs to teach it to me and don’t let him know I need his help because I’ll never live that down)
  10. Goodreads (Free) – I have a Goodreads account and it’s a great site if you’re a reader.  You can save books to your reading list and review books you’ve read, and add your friends too.

Okay there’s my list, I hope you find some that are new to you and that you would enjoy.  Most as you see are free with one that you have to buy but let me know what you think!

What are your favorite apps? Don’t forget to give me suggestions for lists you’d like to see in the future!

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