Shopping and the Beginning of Organization

Why is it that even though I had a three day weekend, it still goes by in a blur? I hate this.  I think I need to plan a week off soon just to get some work done around my home and get a break.  Unfortunately this time of year is not good for me to take a week off so I may need to wait until maybe March when we get a little break between busy times. I might be able to squeeze a week in February but we’ll see.

Saturday I went to January’s Disney Club Event and we were creating cards for the sick at South Sacramento’s Kaiser Hospital.

I did some Minnie Disneybounding with my new Minnie Mouse tank and bracelet I got at Disneyland. The bracelet matches the earrings I have that I love! Not shown are my new Minnie Mouse shoes from Torrid. They are online only so get them while you can!



The ladies that ran the meeting made templates so we had ideas to go off of.  I was at a table working on Cards with Disney Princess silhouettes and a butterfly sky pattern.



I did some shopping, ran a few errands. Got a pair of shoes at Marshall’s and a new purse at TJ Maxx both which were desperately needed.  I actually am having a post coming up soon (maybe tomorrow) showing a before and after of organizing my purse. I thought it might be good for me to post about my progress with organization in my life and I stared with something easy which was my new purse.  Which was not as easy as you’d think because the purse is smaller than what I’m used to but I made it work!

Today we went to see American Sniper which was very well done.  I had no idea that the actress that played his wife was Sienna Miller with dark brown hair until the credits.  I was watching the movie and thought she had a familiar look to her but then I saw her name and it clicked.  Anyway, it was great and very moving.

That’s just about the recap for my weekend. I don’t have many plans for the rest of the week. I made burritos for lunches (recipe this week) and a couple of these protein pancakes from Danica’s Daily blog (if you haven’t heard of her, follow her. I love her blog!).  I attempted to make five but I had half the eggs I needed and 1 of the pancakes had an incident and ended up with two.. So I got ingredients to make a French Toast Bake I made maybe a year ago but I guess I never posted about it so I will have a recipe for that too in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I am going to see a play with my friends’ family (one sister lives in England and the other in New York so they became a surrogate replacement for the two sisters between being able to see either of them.) at a local college.  We’re meeting for dinner then seeing Jekyll an Hyde.

The rest of the week will be making a plan for tackling organizing my bedroom so hopefully I can get started on that soon.  We need to get the place cleaned up anyway because my cousin is coming up from LA as soon as she can get a cheap flight up to Sacramento.

Okay have a great week! Comment with your fun plans for the week!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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2 Responses to Shopping and the Beginning of Organization

  1. Aubrie says:

    Weekends go faster and faster it seems like. Kinda scary! Super cute outfit and I love those shoes! So adorable! 🙂

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