Life Updates

Sorry, I’m back! I am out of it this week but wanted to do a quick post because it’s been so long!  

I haven’t been posting much because my computer was dying on me and I finally got a new one, and it took a long time to get my pictures and other files uploaded from my old computer so I will start working on the trip report soon too.

The trip was great. I LOVED Epcot and the cruise was pretty relaxing.  Ate a lot of amazing food and can’t wait to post about it! And will all of the eating especially on the cruise, I was still down .4 lbs so I would say that was a success. 

This month is another busy month with all of my weekends being booked up but they are fun things so that’s good.  This weekend I’m doing some major cleaning around the condo and on Sunday we are going to the Bay Area for my uncle’s 75th birthday. 

Next weekend I’m taking Friday off because my cousin is coming to visit for the weekend (hence the deep cleaning we will be doing although it needs to be done anyway) and my birthday is Saturday so we will probably go out to dinner. 

The last weekend in July, I am going to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco with my Disney group and my aunt is coming along as well because she has never been before.  We are also going to go to 5:30 mass at St. Dominic’s in SF which I’ve been to a lot but just to light a candle at the St. Jude shrine in the church.  My friend goes to that mass so we should be meeting up that day and it’s another place my aunt has never been to. 

I look forward to talking about all of those things and to get back into posting more regularly with the trip being done and all. But for now I just wanted to get this out and let you know I’m back and to look forward to a lot of content from me for at least a while!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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