New Weight Watchers Smart Points

Ugh, I’m back to my highest weight but I’m back on plan and have a renewed sense of motivation after having a break from Weight Watchers and the introduction last Thursday of Smart Points.  It’s a little stricter than Points Plus but I’ve been able to handle it so far.  I’m curious to see how well I do this week on the new system.

I’m still learning about it but I know the gist of it and I have my phone to figure out points for everything too.  Thank God for smart phones!

The points aren’t the only thing that changed too.  The website and the app have had a complete overhaul as well.  There are some glitches to the site and app but they assured us at the meeting that the issues are being worked on.

I’ll start first with the changes to the points.  The daily and weekly points plus are now called Smart Points and the activity points are now called Fit Points.  I’m not sure if the fit points are calculated differently than they used to be and I just have my Fitbit linked up and let it do what it does…

The Smart Points as I already mentioned, are a little stricter.  They used to count Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fiber to get the Points Plus Value and now they use Calories as a baseline and add for Saturated Fat and Sugar content, and lower for Protein amount.  From the looks of it some things have stayed the same, a lot has gone up mainly 1 or 2 points, some things have gone way up (mainly surgery desserts and cakes), and a few things have actually gone down a little.

Fruit and most vegetables are till 0 Smart Points to encourage you to go for those. The whole thing is to give you a bigger push towards eating healthier foods.

The amount of daily points I have went down by 1 but I lost 1/2 pound between the last two weeks so that could have affected that change too, they also calculate how many weekly points you get so no more 49 per week.  I think my weekly Smart Points allotment is 45 and naturally I can’t find the total on the website because it’s acting up at the moment but they didn’t say how they calculate that either they just tell you at your meeting what it’s changed to or if you do online, I’m sure they will tell you that way as well.

They are still working on the website and app so I will give some details about those when they are working better and I get to know more about them.  The app I know has a feed page where you can see people post before and after pictures, how they’re feeling, and other things and I find that quite inspirational. I am going to get a before picture of myself too because after losing 30 pounds (that I gained back…) I couldn’t tell the difference physically so I would like to see it for myself.

Anyway, that’s a little breakdown of the changes to Weight Watchers.  I have missed posting here so I am going to plan to write at least once or twice a week to keep me motivated and maybe get some recipes written up to share as well.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!


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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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2 Responses to New Weight Watchers Smart Points

  1. Lucy says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I was not sure I understood but I have an iPhone and can calculate my points on it as well. According to my weights and height I should be at 49 points. I noticed you said you had 49 and now 45. I’m not sure if I go down to 45 as well?

    • Shannon says:

      Hi Lucy, I just saw your comment and I hope that you got the question answered. If not, your points would be your own depending on height, weight, and a couple other factors so the Weight Watcher app can figure it out or if you go to meetings, they can help you as well.

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