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Hi there, remember me? I know it’s been a long time since I have posted anything but a lot has been going on in our family and I just wanted to get over one particular hurdle before coming back so I can start focusing again on my blogs but I will explain a little bit about what has been going on in this post and my hopes for future posts.

I’ll start with the less intense stuff first. My mother and I got a notice to vacate back in late February from our landlords because they decided they want to sell the condo we’ve been living in.  This was a mostly good thing yet also put a lot of stress on us to find a place.  We did find a place about a mile away in a gated complex for more than we pay now which would have happened no matter what but it’s slightly bigger, bigger kitchen with a big island, jack and jill type bathroom with a sink in the master and in the hallway, two big linen closets, and a big balcony as well. It’s a nice complex, very quiet, and a nice pool that I cannot wait to get into, especially with the hot months just starting up.  We moved Memorial Day weekend and still have a lot left to unpack but neither one of us mind taking our time because we want to get it done right.

And with the whole move in mind and how much I was trying to figure that I could afford, I realized how I screwed myself up financially. I got lost basically and my cousin helped me recreate my budget and has been talking with me several days a week to help me keep track and get some of my debts payed down and to live within my means again. It’s hard when you have lingering depression and you just want to forget your responsibilities and go out to eat instead of making food at home or thinking you can buy something when you should probably save it for something you need instead… I feel like it is all part of my cycle of over eating, emotional problems, and depression.  I’m trying to get out of it and I’m showing slow progress but I have a ways to go.

Speaking of financial issues, I spent my tax return on a trip to Disneyland with my aunt. It was a blast but in hindsight I probably should have waited or gone less days but what’s done is done and we had a great time. I will be going over my trip report when I finally finish my Disney World trip report and that trip has been officially a year ago. 

And one more thing on the financial issues, I decided to put Weight Watchers on a hiatus.  I LOVE Weight Watchers, the meetings are everything to me, but I just can’t afford $45 per month at this time.  Right now I am using which is a great free weight loss community where you log what you eat and they figure out how many calories, fat, fiber, etc to stick to depending on how much you would like to lose per week (in a healthy time frame of course) and there are a ton of great resources on their website.  So it’s the best option I have at the moment but as soon as I can get back to it, I would love to go back to Weight Watchers.  Maybe by then it will be a fresh start for me.

And the saddest issue of things that have been going on in my family is that my sister-in-law has been having stomach issues probably since last I wrote (if not a little longer) and after cat scans, pet scans, a colonoscopy, and pretty major surgery, we found out that she has stage 4 colon cancer.  She’s only 38 years old.  In fact Wednesday was her birthday.  They have her on a pretty aggressive regimen of chemo right now and she’s trying to stay positive as the whole family.  We have hundreds of people praying for her which I think helps her stay positive.  I don’t want to go into too much detail about the prognosis and the other issues involved for her privacy but I will keep you all updated when I can.

So my plans for the blog are to start back up at least once per week, and I’m going to figure out what kind of things I would like to talk about in the upcoming posts and recipes that I would like to share as well.

I want to end this post on a bit of a happy note so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful, amazing, sister-in-law who is literally the sister I never had.  I am so grateful to have her in my life and hope that God blesses her and helps her fight this disgusting disease that cancer is.


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I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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