Missing Weight Watchers

I have been missing Weight Watchers in the absolute worst way since I quit several months ago. So guess what I did? I rejoined! I went back last week and was shocked to see that I was the exact weight I was when I had rejoined last time, which is also my heaviest. I thought I was easily ten pounds more than that so that was happy news for me!

I am SO SO SO glad to be back. I’ve missed the meetings and the support I get from Weight Watchers and the fact that the program now (which is the same as it was when I left a few months ago) really focuses on being healthy, not the number on the scale. So I tracked everything, which is really the most important step of the program, all week and ended up losing 4.6 pounds! And I’m going to share a story with you because I think it’s a total learning experience and can show you that you can indulge on occasion and still lose weight.

So yesterday being weigh in day, I didn’t want to eat the turkey wraps I’ve been making because of the salt in the turkey lunch meat… I was going to make tuna but ran out of time in the morning and figured I’d try to get something not too bad at Panera or somewhere. Well, I got hangry at lunch time… I ended up going to El Pollo Loco. Did I get their grilled chicken? NO! I had to get their new chicken strips and fries… I felt like CRAP after I ate it and I was so disappointed in myself. But I just though, you ate this. It’s over. Just move on.  Don’t let it ruin your progress. And I went to my meeting and 4.6 pounds down showed on the scale!

So take it from me.  If you are absolutely craving something greasy or indulgent and just can’t get it off of your mind and a healthier version of it just won’t cut it, one meal won’t ruin your life. Even on a weigh in day!

Now don’t expect to lose that much every week. It’s my first week back and you can expect to see that because of water bloat and all that stuff. All Weight Watchers wants you to do is lose .5 (that is one half of a pound!) to 2 pounds per week. Losing slowly really helps to keep the weight off.

Look at me preaching when I haven’t gotten to my own goal.. But it’s true. It’s something they really try to ingrain in you at the meetings.

Anyway, it’s been a busy year for me, but now that I’m back at Weight Watchers I have more I can talk about and the move is over and done with and we are settled into our new place finally! So I really hope to be posting at least once per week after my weigh ins to talk about the meetings. Maybe post some recipes again. I miss doing that. I’m going to try to make red beans and rice and if it comes out well I’ll share it. I’m not familiar with southern food as I’m a full fledged California Girl but I am trying to venture out into other cuisines that I haven’t cooked before.

Okay I’ll leave you there! Got a busy weekend ahead of me and an even funner weekend after that which I will talk about next time!


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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